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REBOL [ title: "Snake Game (tiny GUI version)" date: 6-Jan-2016 file: %snake-gui.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { The draw dialect is not used in this example, only VID GUI, so it's short and full featured for a tiny example. A video explaining the code is at Taken from Variables Key: f food p speed d direction s snake-block g gui e end i count } ] random/seed now f: random 400 p: .3 d: 20 s:[1] g:[ across key #"w"[d: -20]key #"s"[d: 20]key #"a"[d: -1]key #"d"[d: 1]origin ] repeat i 400 [ append g reduce [to-set-word join "p"i 'box 'snow 20x20] if i // 20 = 0 [append g 'return] ] e: does [alert "Oops" q] w: view/new layout g forever [ if any [all[d = -1 s/1 // 20 = 1] all[d = 1 s/1 // 20 = 0]] [e] if find s h: s/1 + d[e]insert head s h do rejoin["p"last s"/color: snow"] either f = s/1 [f: random 400 p: p - .01][remove at s length? s] repeat i length? s[if error? try[do rejoin["p"s/:i"/color: red"]][e]] do rejoin ["p"f"/color: blue"] show w if not viewed? w [q] wait p ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage