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REBOL [ Title: "AIOE Newsgroup Test" Date: 08-Mar-2008 Version: 1.0.0 File: %newsgroup.r Author: "R.v.d.Zee" Owner: "R.v.d.Zee" Rights: "Copyright (C) R. v.d.Zee 2008 All Rights Reserved" Usage: {- script assumes an active Internet connection - see usage policy} Purpose: {- an application of NNTP protocol - and an introduction} Notes: {One of the oldest protocols NNTP is still has many uses, for example: group discussions, bulletin boards and perhaps even as a disaster services bulletin board. This example script is very small, so it: - can be run on minimal equipment, - is easily transmitted on limited bandwidth, - can be rapidly distributed, - needs no set-up or user training - and normally needs no changes to routers or firewalls, a feature not commonly enjoyed in current computer to computer communication. A local search from data downloaded at intervals would increase search times. The method used for reading posts differs slightly from the Network Protocols chapter of the REBOL Manual. This script is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement. In no event shall the author or copyright holder(s) be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in this script. It seems there are very few true free public newsgroup servers.} History: [08-Mar-2008 "Posted To Library"] Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [demo how-to] domain: [other-net testing] support: none tested-under: ["View Windows"] license: none ] ] ; transfer the script to it's own folder, if not already done if all [ not exists? %rebol-nntp/ not exists? %../rebol-nntp/newsgroup.r ][ make-dir %rebol-nntp/ write join %rebol-nntp/ last split-path script read script delete script change-dir %rebol-nntp/ ] ; make-id provides a unique identification to the header of each post make-id: does [ rejoin [ "<" checksum form now "$" random 999999 "@" "" ">" ] ] ; The newsgroup is aioe.test, provided by AIOE for testing purposes. ; New newsgroups can be established, read the AIOE site. news-header: make object! [ Path: "!not-for-mail" From: %rebol-test--test--com--au Subject: "A REBOL Script Test" Newsgroups: "aioe.test" Message-ID: make-id Organization: " NNTP Server" Date: to-string rejoin [now/date " " now/time] ] ; change REBOL date & time formats for the news server replace/all news-header/date "-" " " send-time: to-string now/time ; this function for the repetitive text display procedure show-text: func [text] [ reset-face reads reset-face scroll-reads reads/text: text show reads ] ; post-counter monitors the number of posts in the last ; 24 hour time interval, posts are limited post-counter: [ either not exists? %posts-24hrs.txt [ save %posts-24hrs.txt reduce [(now + 24:00:00) 0] ][ posts-24hrs: load %posts-24hrs.txt ; if now is outside the 24 hr time-frame then ; make another 24 hr time-frame if now > first posts-24hrs [ save %posts-24hrs.txt reduce [(now + 24:00:00) 0] ] ] posts-24hrs: load %posts-24hrs.txt posts-remaining: 25 - posts-24hrs/2 limits: rejoin [ (25 - posts-24hrs/2) " Posts Remaining In This 24 Hour Period Ending " posts-24hrs/1/date " " posts-24hrs/1/time ] ] do post-counter news: layout [ size 600x480 ; backdrop effect made with the "Pattern Generator", see Viewtop/Rebol/Tools backdrop effect [ gradient 0x1 255.255.255 190.190.190 draw [ pen none fill-pen conic 937x1094 0 246 288 7 2 box 0x0 600x480 ] ] origin 40x40 across space 0 return reads: info 450x250 166.175.195 166.175.195 font-color coffee wrap with [ para/margin: 10x10 para/origin: 10x10 ] scroll-reads: scroller 15x250 127.144.158 - 30 127.144.158 - 60 [ scroll-para reads scroll-reads ] return pad 1x10 writes: area 450x100 wrap 166.175.195 166.175.195 + 30 font-color coffee scroll-writes: scroller 15x100 127.144.158 - 30 127.144.158 - 60 15x100 [ scroll-para writes scroll-writes ] return pad 0x4 btn "AIOE Policy" snow - 30 [show-text info] btn "AIOE.ORG" snow - 30 [browse] pad 4 btn "Script" snow - 30 [show-text read %newsgroup.r] btn "Script - Comments" snow - 30[ lines: read/lines %newsgroup.r no-comments: make string! (length? lines) * 400 foreach line lines [ if not find line "; " [ append no-comments join line "^/" ] ] show-text no-comments ] pad 36 btn "Post" snow [ write nntp:// rejoin [ net-utils/export news-header newline newline writes/text ] posts-24hrs/2: posts-24hrs/2 + 1 save %posts-24hrs.txt posts-24hrs do post-counter limit-counter/text: limits show limit-counter reset-face writes reset-face scroll-writes ] btn "Read" snow [ inbox: make block! 5 reset-face reads reset-face scroll-reads reads/text: "Connecting To AIOE.ORG..." show reads group: open nntp:// ; departing from the REBOL manual to establish the series establish: copy first group group: skip group (length? group) - 1 count: 1 ; restrict the read to the last 10 posts, otherwise...long time! loop 10 [ reads/text: rejoin ["Reading Message " count " Of Last 10 Messages"] show reads count: count + 1 read-post: copy first group if (find form read-post "A REBOL Script Test") [ append reads/text "^/ - Found A REBOL Message" show reads append inbox read-post wait 2 ] group: back group ] close group reads/text: { Last 10 Posts Reviewed AIOE.ORG Connection Closed } show reads wait 3 either not empty? inbox [ foreach post-in inbox [ append reads/text rejoin [ newline " *************" newline newline post-in ] ] show reads ][ alert "No REBOL Posts Were Found - Post A Message First!" ] ] btn "Quit" snow [quit] return pad 3x10 limit-counter: h3 550 coffee font-size 10 limits pad 300 at 430x450 image 219.200.202 50x12 logo.gif ] info: { Copied from Italy's website 4:25 PM 3/3/2008 is an open source based project which offers a public news server, a large dictionary, web forums and a mail server. hosts a public news server, an USENET (NNTP) site that is intentionally kept open for all IP addresses without requiring any kind of authentication. This site is especially designed for those who wish a simple and quick way to read the USENET news without needing to post an huge amount of articles. In order to keep low the number of abuses, there're various limits to the users' access rights, notably in the number of articles per day that each IP address is authorized to post (25) and in the amount of connections that each client is able to establish (600) in a day before being banned. All informations about the rules that the users are enforced to strictly observe are shown in the QuickStart Guide and in the Posting Policy that all people should read before starting to use this service. In order to protect the users' privacy, each article sent through this host to every USENET group doesn't reveal the sender's IP address. However, this information is kept in the system logs for 6 months before being deleted as enforced by the Italian law. More informations about the log data retention are available in the Privacy Policy. This site supports the SSL encrypted connections in order to increase the users' protection: all clients should enable it if their news agent supports this feature. Those who need help should read the section in the site that explain how to configure the most common newsreaders. A detailed list of all hosts and ports that are used by the servers is available in this page. 1. General Posting Rules Each IP address --- whether it’s your client, or your whole network --- has the right to post no more than 25 messages per day ; accepted and rejected messages are counted together. If an IP sends more than 5 articles that are rejected by the server, it looses the right to post for the next 24 hours. This server does not allow users to post multiple copies of the same message (idest multipost). Every article which is very similar to a previously post is rejected. 2. Stylistic rules Each posted article must be smaller than 32KiB. does not carry binary groups so this limit is very reasonable for probably all text articles. Headers must be smaller than 2KiB ; large headers are useless and waste system resources. We strongly recommend our users to avoid the X-Faces header. Articles which include a Content-type header which is not "text/plain" are refused, so HTML and multipart posts are forbidden. Those who need to sign their messages with a GPG/PGP key have to include the digital sign in the body of the article without adding a special multipart section. Each body line of an article must be shorter than 160 characters. Quoted, blank and empty lines must be less than 80% of total article. A quoted line begins with ">" or "|", a blank line contains only spaces an empty one includes only a single newline ("\n") character. The argument of the Date header must be correct. Often spammers send messages with a future date in order to become visible in the top of article list on clients which sort their groups by date; this implies that your system clock has to be properly configured. 3. Crosspost and followup Articles can be posted to no more than 10 groups. There are weak reasons to post to more than 10 groups at once and this is often done by spammers, so I don’t allow. Articles that do not have a follow-up-to header cannot be posted to more than 3 groups. Articles that do have a follow-up-to header cannot have more than 3 groups in the follow-up-to header. This is usually a problem for trollers, not for you. 4. Flood Every IP address that sends more than 5 rejected articles in a day loses the right to post for the next 24 hours. The ones who are accessing this server through a gateway may suffer from this limit; in this case, please send us a report. Every IP may post up to 10 messages at every 10 minutes. Both accepted and rejected posts are counted together and all exceeding articles are rejected. In order to reduce the danger of being flooded by users, the server bans for a day any IP address which tries to open more than 12 connections every 10 seconds ; those who make use of some automatic news downloader should keep this barrier in mind. 5. Content-Related Rules Our rules are simple : * No Spam. You may find useful information here about spam. * No Nazism. Minds, like parachutes, function better when open. * Likewise, racism, sexism and homophobia are not welcome. * Paedophilia is a crime. Do not spread this kind of content. * Respect netiquette. 6. Technical rules In order to avoid abuses, there’re a few technical rules that the users need to respect : * Control articles are forbidden because many people use them as an easy way to damage the server. * Cancel articles are forbidden. If you think before you post, you don’t need to cancel. Sporadic accidents are usually tolerated by people; no need to cancel. * HTML articles of any sort are forbidden even if sent to groups that allow the users to post HTML articles; the restriction is on this server. * The ’From’ header must include a syntactically correct email address (%user--domain--tld). It’s not mandatory to use a real name or email address. Printable version Last modify 2007-12-21 16:31:05} reads/text: info view news
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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