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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Standard Document Formatter" Date: 25-May-2001 Version: 0.9.0 File: %make-doc.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: {(See MakeDoc2 for the latest version.) Converts very simple text file format into other document formats (such as HTML) with good titles, table of contents, section headers, indented fixed-spaced examples, bullets and definitons. Does the formatting so you can focus on the hard part: the words. } Email: %carl--rebol--com Note: { ^-^-The input file scanner and the output format generator ^-^-are now independent. The input file is scanned into ^-^-an internal block that can be used to generate different ^-^-target output formats such as HTML, text, PDF, helpfile, ^-^-etc. Only HTML generator is provided at this time. ^-} library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [file-handling markup text-processing] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ;-- Scan document into the internal format ----------------------------------- scan-ctx: context [ out: [] emit: func ['word d1] [ if string? d1 [trim/tail d1] repend out [word d1] ] emit-section: func [num] [emit (to-word join "sect" num) text title: true] as-file: func [str] [to-file trim str] insert-file: func [str file /local text] [ if file/1 = "%" [remove file] if not exists? file [alert reform ["Missing include file:" file] exit] text: read file insert/part str text any [find text "^/###" tail text] ] space: charset " ^-" chars: complement nochar: charset " ^-^/" text: none para: none title: none ;--- Text Format Language: rules: [some parts] parts: [ ;here: (print here) newline | ;--Document sections: "***" text-line (if title [alert reform ["Duplicate title:" text]] emit title text) | ["===" | "-1-"] TEXT-LINE (EMIT-SECTION 1) | ["---" | "-2-"] text-line (emit-section 2) | ["+++" | "-3-"] text-line (emit-section 3) | ["..." | "-4-"] text-line (emit-section 4) | "###" to end (emit end none) | ;--Special common notations: ":" define opt newline (emit define reduce [text para]) | "*" paragraph opt newline (emit bullet para) | "#" paragraph opt newline (emit enum para) | ";" paragraph | ; comment ;--Commands: "=image" image | "=url" some-chars copy para to newline newline (emit url reduce [text para]) | "=view" left? [some space copy text some chars | none] (emit view text) | "=include" some-chars here: (insert-file here as-file text) | "=file" some-chars (emit file as-file text) | "=options" some [ spaces "no-indent" (emit option 'no-indent) | spaces "modern" (emit option 'modern) ] thru newline | "=toc" thru newline (emit toc none) | ;--Special sections: "\in" (emit indent-in none) | "/in" (emit indent-out none) | "\note" text-line (emit note-in text) | "/note" text-line (emit note-out none)| ;--Defaults: example (emit code trim/auto code) | paragraph (either title [emit para para][emit title title: para]) | skip ] spaces: [any space] some-chars: [some space copy text some chars] text-line: [copy text thru newline] paragraph: [copy para some [chars thru newline]] example: [copy code some [indented | some newline indented]] indented: [some space chars thru newline ] define: [copy text to " -" 2 skip any space paragraph] left?: [some space "left" (left-flag: on) | none (left-flag: off)] image: [ left? any space copy text some chars ( text: as-file text either left-flag [emit image reduce [text 'left]][emit image text] ) ] set 'scan-doc func [str] [ clear out parse/all detab str rules copy out ] ] ;-- Generate HTML output ---------------------------------------------------- html-ctx: context [ out: make string! 10000 emit: func [data] [append out reduce data append out newline] sects: [0 0 0 0] fonts: context [ title: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="5"> h1: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="4"> h2: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="3"> h3: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2"> h4: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="#404040"> toc: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2"> normal: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2"> list: normal define: normal note: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="yellow"> url: <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="maroon"> ] ef: </FONT> hfonts: [h1 h2 h3 h4] sect-num?: func [num /local n sn] [ change at sects num n: sects/:num + 1 change/dup at sects num + 1 0 4 - num sn: copy "" repeat n num [append sn join sects/:n "."] sn ] clear-sects: does [change/dup sects 0 4] emit-sect: func [num str /local sn] [ if num <= 2 [ if sects/1 > 0 [emit </BLOCKQUOTE>] if num = 1 [emit <HR>] ] sn: sect-num? num emit [{<A NAME="sect} sn {"></A>}] emit ["<H" num + 1 ">" get in fonts hfonts/:num sn " " str ef "</H" num + 1 ">"] if num <= 2 [emit <BLOCKQUOTE>] ] emit-toc: func [doc /local w] [ emit [<HR> fonts/h1 "Contents" ef <BLOCKQUOTE>] foreach [word text] doc [ if w: find [sect1 sect2 sect3 sect4] word [ sn: sect-num? w: index? w loop w - 1 * 8 [append out " "] emit [ {<A HREF="#sect} sn {">} either w = 1 [fonts/h2][fonts/normal] pick [<B> ""] w <= 2 sn " " text pick [</B> ""] w <= 2 ef </A><BR> ] ] ] emit </BLOCKQUOTE> clear-sects ] emit-item: func [doc 'item tag] [ if doc/-2 <> item [emit tag] emit [<LI> fonts/list doc/2 ef] if doc/3 <> item [emit head insert copy tag #"/"] ] emit-def: func [doc] [ if doc/-2 <> 'define [ emit {<TABLE cellspacing="6" border="0" width="95%">} ] emit [ <TR><TD width="20"> " " </TD> <TD valign="top" width="80"> <B> fonts/define any [doc/2/1 " "] ef </B></TD> <TD valign="top"> fonts/normal any [doc/2/2 " "] ef </TD> </TR> ] if doc/3 <> 'define [emit {</TABLE><P>}] ] emit-note: func [text] [ emit [ {<TABLE BORDER="1" CELLPADDING="5" CELLSPACING="0" WIDTH="80%"> <TR><TD WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="black"><B>} fonts/note text ef {</B></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH="100%">} ] ] emit-end: does [ ; change this for your own docs emit [ <P></BLOCKQUOTE><HR><FONT face="arial,helvetica" size="1"> "Copyright REBOL Technologies. All Rights Reserved." <BR> "REBOL and the REBOL logo are trademarks of REBOL Technologies." <BR> "Formatted with Make-Doc " system/script/header/version " on " now/date " at " now/time </FONT><P> ] ] html-codes: ["&" "&" "<" "<" ">" ">"] escape-html: func [text][ foreach [from to] html-codes [replace/all text from to] text ] emit-code: func [text] [ emit [<BLOCKQUOTE><PRE><B> escape-html text </B></PRE></BLOCKQUOTE>] ] set 'gen-html func [doc] [ ;foreach [w t] doc [print w] halt emit <HTML> if doc/1 = 'title [emit [<TITLE> doc/2 </TITLE>]] emit <BODY bgcolor="white"> if doc/1 = 'title [ emit [<H1> fonts/title doc/2 ef </H1>] doc: skip doc 2 ] if doc/1 = 'code [ emit [<BLOCKQUOTE><PRE> fonts/normal <B> doc/2 </B> ef </PRE></BLOCKQUOTE>] doc: skip doc 2 ] if not find head doc 'toc [emit-toc doc] forskip doc 2 [ switch/default doc/1 [ para [emit [fonts/normal doc/2 ef <P>]] code [emit-code doc/2] enum [emit-item doc enum <OL>] bullet [emit-item doc bullet <UL>] define [emit-def doc] sect1 [emit-sect 1 doc/2] sect2 [emit-sect 2 doc/2] sect3 [emit-sect 3 doc/2] sect4 [emit-sect 4 doc/2] indent-in [emit <BLOCKQUOTE>] indent-out [emit </BLOCKQUOTE>] note-in [emit-note doc/2] note-out [emit {</TD></TR></TABLE><P>}] image [] view [] end [emit-end] toc [] ][print doc/1 halt] ] emit {</BODY></HTML>} write %test-out.html out browse %test-out.html ] ] ;-- Read file... ;system/script/args: %makespec.txt if not file: system/script/args [ file: request-file if any [not file not file: file/1] [quit] ] if empty? file [quit] if not exists? file [alert reform ["Error:" file "does not exist"] quit] gen-html scan-doc read file
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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