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REBOL [ Title: "Find a file in directories / folders" Date: 20-Jun-2002 Name: 'find-file File: %find-file-gui.r Version: 2.0.0 Author: "Massimiliano Vessi" ; original was "Carl Sassenrath" Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [function tool] domain: [files] tested-under: none support: none license: gpl see-also: none ] ] find-file: func [ "Returns a block of files where target string was found" dir [file!] "Directory path to search" filter "File pattern to search or NONE for all, eg: *.r" target "String to find" /only "Only search dir, not sub-dirs" /local files out ][ ; print dir ; watch it go aaa/text: reform ["Scanning" dir] show aaa if any [not string? filter empty? filter] [filter: "*"] files: load dirize dir out: copy [] ; Search only files found in the directory: foreach file files [; (breadth first) if all [ #"/" <> last file find/any file filter find read/binary file: dir/:file target ; skip CRLF conversion ][ append out file result: copy out show bbb ] ] ; Now search sub-directories: if not only [ foreach file files [ if #"/" == last file [ append out find-file dir/:file filter target ] ] ] out ] ;Examples: ;probe find-file %project/ none "example" ;probe find-file %../../ ".r" "rebol" dir: %./ n: 0 result: copy [] view layout [ Title "File finder" across tabs 10 label "Text to search" tab tab text-f: field return label "Extension filter" tab filter-f: field ".r" return label "Directory" tab tab dir-f: field "./" btn "..." [temp: request-dir if temp [dir-f/text: temp] show dir-f] return btn green "Search..." [result: find-file (to-file dir-f/text) filter-f/text text-f/text aaa/text: "DONE!" show aaa show bbb ] btn-help [view/new layout [title "Help " text as-is { This script search for files in directory and sub-directories containing the text you specify. You can specify all file with the * (jolly char). Examples: probe find-file %project/ none "example" probe find-file %../../ ".r" "rebol" } text bold "Author: Max Vessi" text bold "%maxint--tiscali--it" ]] return aaa: text 300 return label "Search result:" return bbb: list 304x292 [info 300] supply [ count: count + n face/text: result/:count] scroller 16x292 [ n: to-integer (face/data * (length? result) ) nmax: (length? result) - 12 if nmax < 0 [nmax: 0] if n > nmax [n: nmax] show bbb ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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