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REBOL [ Title: "Draw A Mouse Over Round Button" Date: 12-Feb-2006 Name: "Draw A Mouse Over Round Button" Version: 1.1.1 File: %draw-a-mouse-over-round-button.r Author: "R. v.d.Zee" Owner: "R. v.d.Zee" Rights: "Copyright (C) R. v.d.Zee 2008" Needs: ["REBOL/View 5-Dec-2005 Core 2.6.3"] Tabs: 4 Purpose: {draw a round button with a mouse over effect} History: [ 1.1.0 [12-Feb-2006 "Created"] 1.1.1 [12-Mar-2008 {revised proportions, use in-built logo.gif, change script style add engage to button, add scroller colors} ] ] Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [reference tutorial] domain: [GUI] tested-under: 'XP support: none license: none see-also: none ] Language: 'English ] button-font: make face/font [style: [italic bold] size: 20] pen-color: gold fill-color: leaf round-button: [ line-width 3 pen pen-color fill-pen fill-color circle 23x23 20 pen gold font button-font text "R" 15x10 ] coal-face: layout [ size 420x430 backcolor coal backeffect [grid 5x5 coffee] across origin 180x10 button-box: box 47x46 effect [draw round-button] feel [ engage: func [face action event] [ if action = 'down [ fill-color: coffee face/effect: [draw round-button] show face write clipboard:// code-info/text ] ] over: func [face act pos] [ pen-color: either act [red] [gold] fill-color: either act [green][leaf] face/effect: [draw round-button] show face ] ] return space 0 pad -160x5 code-info: info 350x313 coal font-color green wrap with [ edge/effect: none edge/size: 1x1 edge/color: coffee ] info-scroll: scroller 16x313 orange - 90 [ scroll-para code-info info-scroll ] return pad 150x10 logo: image orange - 90 logo.gif ] codeIn: read script codeIn: find codeIn "button-font:" insert codeIn rejoin [ "Purpose: " rebol/script/header/purpose newline "- a left mouse-click pastes the area text to the clipboard" "^/" "^/" ] code-info/text: codeIn code-info/para/origin: 10x5 coal-face/offset: 0x27 ; set initial color of arrows, colors change with mouse click info-scroll/pane/2/effect/3: info-scroll/pane/3/effect/3: 255.0.10 ; could not change effect ;info-scroll/pane/2/edge/effect: info-scroll/pane/3/edge/effect: 'bevel ; top and bottom scroller arrow box info-scroll/pane/2/edge/color: info-scroll/pane/3/edge/color: coffee ; dragger edge and dragger color info-scroll/pane/1/color: coffee info-scroll/pane/1/edge/color: red ; arrow box colors, must use tuples info-scroll/pane/2/colors: info-scroll/pane/3/colors: [76.26.0 255.0.10] ; scale in-built logo image logo/size: logo/size * .6 view coal-face
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage