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REBOL [ Title: "Downloader" Date: 23-May-2002/0:33:57+2:00 Version: 0.2.2 File: %downloader.r Author: "oldes" Purpose: {To download multiple remote files and show the progress} Email: %oliva--david--seznam--cz library: [ level: none platform: none type: 'tool domain: 'GUI tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] downloader: func [ "Download multiple files from the net. Show progress. Return block of file sizes." urls [block!] "Block of files to download" title-str /to dir [file!] "If the target file should be placed in other directory then in public/" /log log-file [file! url!] "File where informations about downloaded files is written" /update "Force update" /local lo f tmp msg logport upd-func onclose sizes ][ lo: layout/size [ backdrop black origin 1x1 box 155x38 170.185.165 at 160x2 box 35x35 black at 157x0 box 1x42 115.150.132 at 1x1 label 155 center title-str at 3x23 prog: progress 151x14 150.165.145 edge [size: 1x2 color: black] with [ colors: [248.172.3 217.51.51] ] at 3x23 stat: h4 151x14 font [size: 9] center middle ] 200x42 lo/edge: make lo/edge [size: 1x1 color: 115.150.132] if log [ onclose: func [f e][if e/type = 'close [close logport quit] e] insert-event-func :onclose msg: func[t][append logport t] logport: open/new/write log-file msg tmp: rejoin ["##[DOWNLOAD started: " now "]##^/"] msg head insert/dup "" "#" (length? tmp) - 1 if to [ msg rejoin ["^/##[TARGET: " dir "]##" ] ] ] view/new/options center-face lo [no-title no-border] upd-func: func [total bytes][ prog/data: bytes / (max 1 total) show prog tmp: total true ] sizes: make block! [] foreach url reduce urls [ probe url f: decode-url url stat/text: f/target show stat tmp: 0 either to [ if none? f/path [f/path: ""] targ: rejoin [dirize dir f/host "/" f/path] make-dir/deep targ either update [ read-thru/progress/update/to url :upd-func join targ f/target ][ read-thru/progress/to url :upd-func join targ f/target] ][ either update [ read-thru/progress/update url :upd-func ][ read-thru/progress url :upd-func ] ] if log [msg rejoin [newline now/time/precise tab url tab tmp]] append sizes tmp ] if log [ msg "^/##[END of download]##" close logport remove-event-func :onclose ] unview/only lo sizes ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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