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REBOL [ Title: "Updating and Creating links in INDEX files" Date: 14-Jan-2002 Version: 1.0.0 File: %update_index.r Author: "JL MEYRIAL" Purpose: "Update/create links in index files" Comment: { To create links in index files or to edit index files } Email: %jl_meyrial--ciriel--fr library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [file-handling GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] maj_ind: context [ ipath: join system/options/home "desktop/icons/" instructions: { Make your choice: - "ADD A LINK" to add a link in an index file and then: . choose a link type "Folder", "File" or "WWW" . input the data fields . click the button "Update Index file" and make the file selection or - "EDIT A FILE" to edit a file and then click the button "Edit" and make the file selection } l_titre1: copy "ADD A LINK" l_titre2: copy "EDIT A FILE" l_act1: copy "Update Index File" l_act2: copy "Edit" l_act: copy l_act1 l_encours: copy l_titre1 p_titre: func [n_choix /local files ] [ if n_choix <> l_encours [ l_encours: n_choix either n_choix = l_titre1 [ f_pan/pane: l_pan remove find l_lay/pane f_act2 append l_lay/pane f_act1 ] [ f_pan/pane: none remove find l_lay/pane f_act1 append l_lay/pane f_act2 ] show l_lay ] ] p_choix: func [n_choix /local files ] [ if n_choix = "local" [ if files: request-file [ f_lien/text: files show f_lien ] ] ] p_edit: func [ /local file_index ] [ if file_index: request-file/only/keep/file/title %index.r "Edit File Index:" "Select" [ if exists? file_index [ editor file_index ] ] ] p_maj: func [ /local file_index file out date size name t_fic b_fic] [ if file_index: request-file/only/keep/file/title %index.r "Update/Create File Index:" "Save" [ if not exists? file_index [ out: reform ["REBOL [type: 'index date:" now "]" newline newline] write file_index out ] out: copy "" b_fic: to-block f_lien/text foreach file b_fic [ either f_type/text = "URL" [ if type? file <> 'url [ file: to-url file ] ] [ if type? file <> 'file [ file: to-file file ] ] if all [ exists? file not dir? file ] [ t_fic: switch/default t_lien/text [ "Folder" [ 'folder ] "WWW" [ 'link ] ] [ 'file ] either t_fic = 'link [ append out mold/only reduce [t_fic f_lib/text file ] ] [ date: modified? file size: size? file append out mold/only reduce [t_fic f_lib/text file reduce [size date] ] ] if choix_icon <> "default" [ append out " " append out mold/only reduce ['icon to-word choix_icon ] ] append out newline append out mold/only reduce ['info f_info/text ] append out newline ] ] write/append file_index out request/ok "UPDATING IS MADE" ] ] show-help: does [ request layout [ txt as-is instructions button "CLOSE" [hide-popup] ] ] choix_icon: copy "default" p_icon: func [ n_icon] [ choix_icon: copy n_icon either n_icon <> "default" [ if not find l_pan/pane f_icon [ append l_pan/pane f_icon ] f_icon/image: load to-file reduce [ipath join n_icon ".gif" ] ] [ remove find l_pan/pane f_icon ] show l_lay ] bloc_lay: make block! [ across choice 100x50 :l_titre1 :l_titre2 [p_titre first value] tab tab button "HELP" [show-help ] button "QUIT" [quit] return f_pan: box 500x200 return f_act1: button 100x50 l_act1 [ p_maj] f_act2: button 100x50 l_act2 [ p_edit] ] b_pan: make block! [ across t_lien: choice "Folder" "File" "WWW" return f_type: choice "URL" "local" [p_choix first value] tab f_lien: field "File Name or URL" return h1 "Label" tab tab f_lib: field "Link Label" return h1 "Help Text" tab f_info: field "Help Text" return h1 "Icon" rotary "default" ] r_icon: open ipath forall r_icon [ if head? r_icon [ ifile: to-file reduce [ipath (first r_icon)] ] parse (first r_icon) [ copy st to #"."] append b_pan st ] close r_icon append b_pan [ [p_icon value] f_icon: image ifile effect [key 174.154.122] ] l_pan: layout b_pan l_pan/offset: 0x0 l_lay: layout bloc_lay f_pan/pane: l_pan remove find l_pan/pane f_icon f_act2/offset: f_act1/offset remove find l_lay/pane f_act2 ] view/options maj_ind/l_lay [resize]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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