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Rebol [ file: %samman.r date: 1-Jan-2012 title: "Sammy's manager" purpose: {To generate Sammy.js files using a dialect} library: [ author: "Sabu Francis, India" copyright: "Sabu Francis, 2012" license: "GPL 2.0" platform: 'all type: [tool] level: 'intermediate see-also: revision: 0.0.1 description: { Sammy's Manager is a Dialect to create a Sammy.js application which hopefully is simpler than writing a Sammy.js app directly in javascript. It uses a rough and ready dialect written over an afternoon I wrote it to come to grip with Sammy.js which is actually quite elegant and many may believe that it need not be further simplified. As Einstien said, "You should make things simple but not simpler" But I wanted ot bring it kicking and screaming somehow into the Rebol world ...and wanted to see what emerged with the powerful dialecting feature of Rebol Eventually, my dream is to invent a 'declarative' kind of web language that internally uses sammy.js and jquery something like Opa or Prolog Hope you like it. This was tested with the JSON-STORE example given in the Sammy.js website It would be very easy to use this as a CGI-Script, so you can have your work done in this dialect, and internally everything actually gets done via Sammy My rough estimate tells me that this is around 65% of the original javascript written code and it is far more cleaner to read Concepts: -------- The basic idea of this module is to use a Rebolish way of writing Sammy apps. i.e. avoid delimiters as much as possible. I've used it to delineate some blocks so that code-folding editors can work nicely Rebol kind of syntax. No parathensis whatsoever unless you use native Javascript embedded inside There are 4 code blocks within a Sammy app (I have not yet put the "put" and "delete" code-blocks in this version. I am not an expert in sammy.js) The blocks all follow the same pattern: first is the verb, second is the route string, third is the code to be executed which is given as a Rebol block! Verbs defined are: "around", "get", "put", "bind" (though strictly "around" and "bind" are sammy's inventions...not verbs) If a code block contains unavoidable javascript, put that inside curly braces (i.e. Rebol string) ...and if your javascript for some strange reason has a dangling brace put that inside as ^(7b) ...which is the escape code for the opening brace so if you want to go Javascript mostly the whole way then you can just write this kind of code get "#/" [ { javascript; javascript; javascript; }] but then Sammy's manager will feel he is not getting fully utilized to make Sammy's performances better. He will stand backstage and weep but won't hinder Sammy's show. For other functionality like fetching (and creating) a session variable, updating the session variable, updating HTML inside some Jquery selectable container, there are nice helpers in this Sammy's manager dialect. Updating HTML is specially delectable. It takes a block of jquery selectors. The very first one is the parent one, and others coming after it are "found" and daisy-chained using the usual Jquery dot operator. The HTML is deposited right after all that finding. So if you used a "class" selector (which starts with a dot) instead of an "id" selector (which starts with a #) then you will find jquery has updated the text in all of those elements of that it found with that class. I can imagine this to be quite magical, actually So Sammy, go on stage and do your classy act! The manager is with you! ------------- After parsing your loaded string with "sam_man" dialect the "accumulator" string variable would contain the generated SammyJS app. Make sure you clean it up for next round ----- Request As this is GPL, kindly put your head on this and improve this code } ] ] ;;;"Sam's Manager" Dialect spec accumulator: copy "" addtostr: func[ str ] [ append accumulator str ] putuse: func [ plugins /local i] [ foreach i plugins [ addtostr replace copy { this.use('~'); } "~" i ] ] putapp: func [] [ addtostr copy { (function($) ^(7b) var app = $.sammy('#main', function() } addtostr "{" ] putappdef: func [ def ] [ addtostr replace copy { ^});//app defined $(function() {'~'); }); ^})(jQuery); } "~" def ] dothen: func [ cb] [ either (type? cb) = word! [ addtostr replace copy { .then(~)} "~" to-string cb ][ addtostr replace copy { .then(function(items) ^(7b) ~ }"~" cb addtostr "})" ;;;no semi-colon! hmmm ] ] getblkparams: func [ somevars /local sblki sblklen sblkstr s][ sblki: 1 sblklen: length? somevars sblkstr: copy "" foreach s somevars [ append sblkstr s if sblki < sblklen [ append sblkstr "," ] sblki: sblki + 1 ] sblkstr ] funcend: func [comm] [ addtostr "^/ });" addtostr comm ] doRendAppendTo: func [ whichtemplate somevars somevars2 /local m jsonstr le v ][ m: 1 jsonstr: copy "" le: length? somevars foreach v somevars [ append jsonstr somevars2/:m append jsonstr ": " append jsonstr v if m < le [append jsonstr ", "] m: m + 1 ] addtostr replace replace copy { context.render('~1', {~2}) .appendTo(context.$element());} "~1" whichtemplate "~2" jsonstr ] formupdatehtmlstr: func [ jquerysel thevalue /local qstr qs ][ qstr: copy replace copy " $('~')" "~" jquerysel/1 foreach qs next jquerysel [ append qstr replace copy ".find('~')" "~" qs ] append qstr replace copy ".text(~).end()" "~" thevalue qstr ] sam_man: [ 'app set defroute string! (putapp ) '=== 'use set plugins block! ( putuse plugins ) some [ aroundFunc | getRoute | postRoute | bindRoute ] (putappdef defroute) ] aroundFunc: [ 'around set aroundCallBack word! ( addToStr { this.around(function(callback) ^(7B) } ) set aroundStatsBlk block! ( parse aroundStatsBlk aroundStats funcend "//around over!" ) ] getRoute: [ 'get set routeStr string! ( addToStr replace copy { this.get('~', function(context)^(7b) } "~" routeStr ) set routeStatsBlk block! ( parse routeStatsBlk routeStats funcend "// get over!" ) ] postRoute: [ 'post set postStr string! ( addToStr replace copy {'~', function(context)^(7b) } "~" postStr ) set routeStatsBlk block! (parse routeStatsBlk routeStats funcend "// post over!" ) ] bindRoute: [ 'bind set bindStr string! ( addToStr replace copy { this.bind('~', function()^(7b) } "~" bindStr ) set routeStatsBlk block! (parse routeStatsBlk routeStats funcend "//bindover!" ) ] loadStats:[ some [ 'then set cb string! ( dothen cb ) | 'then set cb word! ( dothen cb ) (addtostr { ;} ) ] ] thenstrs: [ some [ set js string! ( addtostr js )] ] aroundStats: [ some [ set str string! ( addtostr str) | 'load set loadurl string! (addtostr copy replace { this.load('~') } "~" loadurl) set loadStatsBlk block! ( parse loadStatsBlk loadStats) ] ] routeStats: [ some [ 'cleanApp ( addToStr {''); } ) | 'witheach set somevars block! ( sblkstr: getblkparams somevars addToStr replace copy { $.each(this.items, function(~) ^(7b) } "~" sblkstr ) 'renderAndAppendToContext set whichtemplate string! set somevars2 block! ( doRendAppendTo whichtemplate somevars somevars2 ) (funcend "") | 'renderPartial set whichTemplate string! ( addToStr replace copy { this.partial('~'); } "~" whichTemplate ) | 'fetchSession set sessvar word! ( addtostr replace/all copy { var ~ = this.session('~', function() { return {}; }); } "~" to-string sessvar ) | 'updateSession set sessVar word! ( addtostr replace/all copy { this.session('~', ~); } "~" to-string sessVar ) | 'trigger set bind-event word! ( addtostr replace copy { this.trigger('~'); } "~" to-string bind-event ) | 'updateHTML set jquerysel block! set thevalue word! set animstrsBlock block! ( qstr: formupdatehtmlstr jquerysel thevalue addtostr qstr ;;;now the animation or other effects foreach animstr animstrsBlock [ addtostr replace copy { .animate({~})} "~" animstr ] addtostr ";" ) | set js string! ( addToStr js ) ] ] ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;; SAMMY's Manager dialect done! ;;;;; (can't u see the stage lights?) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;sample below: parse [ app "#/" === use [Template Session] around callback [ { var context = this; } load "data/items.json" [ then { context.items = items; } then callback ] ] get "#/" [ cleanapp witheach [i item] renderAndAppendToContext "templates/item.template" [id item ] ] get "#/item/:id" [ { this.item = this.items[this.params['id']]; if (!this.item) { return this.notFound()} } renderPartial "templates/item_detail.template" ] post "#/cart" [ { var item_id = this.params['item_id']; } fetchSession cart { if (!cart[item_id]) { // this item is not yet in our cart // initialize its quantity with 0 cart[item_id] = 0; } cart[item_id] += parseInt(this.params['quantity'], 10); } updateSession cart trigger update-cart ] bind "update-cart" [ { var sum = 0; $.each(this.session('cart') || {}, function(id, quantity) { sum += quantity; }); } updateHTML [".cart-info" ".cart-items"] sum [ "paddingTop: '30px'" "paddingTop: '10px'" ] ] bind "run" [ trigger update-cart ] ] sam_man ;;;To test, uncomment the string below and generate the javascript ;;;rename the old json_store.js to something else ;;;and rename the generated one to json_store.js and put it ;;;in the "javascripts" folder of the Sammy JSON STORE sample application { write %samtest.js accumulator }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage