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REBOL [ File: %pword.r Date: 19-Jun-2005 Title: "Password Generation" Purpose: "Create passwords based on a Pass Phrase" Version: 1.0 Author: "Cybarite" Source: { Greg's REBOL implementation of a password JavaScript function. Maxim's UI from AltME } library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [security ] tested-under: [view on W2K] support: [AltME] license: none see-also: none ] ] generate-password-value: func [ {Creates a password based on the MD-5 value from a pass-phrase phrase, a site or device name, and an optional date-variable} pass-phrase [string!] site-or-device [string!] {The name of a site or device} date-variable [string!] {Allows the password to vary by month where you are required to change monthly} /include-special-character ; this is for passwords that require some special character to be included ][ third-parm: either date-variable = "None" [ {} ][ join ":" date-variable ] result: to-hex to-integer checksum/method rejoin [pass-phrase ":" site-or-device third-parm] 'md5 either include-special-character [ join result "%" ][ result ] ] clearing: does [ if not clip-only/data [ password-text-field/text: copy {} show password-text-field ] write clipboard:// {} ; clear the clipboard too ] bg-color: 65.125.175 view layout [ size 400x326 tabs [130 160] backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 bg-color 45.75.115 grid 500x4 499x4 70.130.190 blur] ; from Didier style label label white style TL text-list with [ size: 200x60 ; default these text-list sizes for consistency update-slider: does [ sld/redrag lc / max 1 length? head lines ] picked: 1 ] across image logo.gif (bg-color) [browse] ; the rebol logo with a page background color return clip-only: check [ either value [ hide [label-password password-text-field] ][ show [label-password password-text-field] ] ] label 300 "Write password to clipboard only" return special-check: check [] label "Add special character '%'" return label 100 "Your Secret Pass Phrase " tab pass-phrase-phase: area 200x40 wrap [ clearing ] toggle 46 "Hide" "Show" effect [ gradient 1x1 bg-color 45.75.115 grid 500x4 499x4 70.130.190 blur ][ either value [ hide pass-phrase-phase ][ show pass-phrase-phase ] ] return label 100 "Site/Device" tab sites: TL data [ ; replace this list of sites or devices with your values "VPN" "email" "Server" "ISP" "AltME REBOL" "Router" ][ clearing ] do [append clear sites/picked first sites/data] return label 100 "Dates" tab dates: TL data [ "None" "Jun-2005" ; replace this list of dates with your values (keep "None" first) "Jul-2005" "Aug-2005" "Sep-2005" "Oct-2005" "Nov-2005" "Dec-2005" "Jan-2006" ][ clearing ] do [append clear dates/picked first dates/data] btn "Help" [alert {For expirying passwords enter a date value here e.g. Jun-2005. Use a standard convention whatever it is.} ] return label-password: label "Password" tab password-text-field: info "" 200 silver white btn "Go" [ password-text-field/text: either special-check/data [ generate-password-value/include-special-character pass-phrase-phase/text first sites/picked first dates/picked ][ generate-password-value pass-phrase-phase/text first sites/picked first dates/picked ] write clipboard:// form password-text-field/text if not clip-only/data [ show [password-text-field] ] ] do [focus pass-phrase-phase] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage