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#! /usr/bin/rebview REBOL [ Title: "Rebol OCR" Date: 16-Nov-2009 Version: 1.0 Author: "Fran├žois Jouen" File: %ocr.r Purpose: { use free tesseract OCR with rebol The Tesseract OCR engine was one of the top 3 engines in the 1995 UNLV Accuracy test. Between 1995 and 2006 it had little work done on it, but it is probably one of the most accurate open source OCR engines available. The source code will read a binary, grey or color image and output text. A tiff reader is built in that will read uncompressed TIFF images, or libtiff can be added to read compressed images. see } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [gui] tested-under: 'Mac OSX 'Linux support: none license: 'pd see-also: ] ] set 'app_dir what-dir temp_dir: join app_dir "tmp/" if not exists? temp_dir [make-dir temp_dir] init: join temp_dir "init.txt" if not exists? init [write init join "/usr/local/bin/convert" newline write/append init join "/usr/local/bin/tesseract" newline] tmp_tiff: join temp_dir "temp.jpg" tmp_text: join temp_dir "temp" csize: 320x480 prog:"" langues: ["English" "French" "Dutch" "German" "Italian" "Spanish"] fnames: ["Times" "Arial" "Courrier"] fsizes: ["10" "12" "14" "16" "18" "20" "22" "24" "28" "36" "48"] ocrl: "ENG" quit_requested: does [ if (confirm/with "Really Quit Rebol OCR ?" ["Yes" "No"]) [quit] ] ; where are convert and tesseract programs (for most of unix systems) ; please adapt for windows versions Read_Config: does [ initfile: read/Lines init imconverter: initfile/1 ; ImageMagic Convert Program location e.g. "/usr/local/bin/convert" freeocr: initfile/2 ; Free OCR Tesseract progam location e.g. "/usr/local/bin/tesseract" ] Get_Os: func [] [ switch system/version/4 [ 3 [os: "Windows" ] 2 [os: "Mac OSX" ] 4 [os: "Linux" ] 5 [os: "BeOS" ] 7 [os: "NetBSD"] 9 [os: "OpenBSD"] 10 [os: "SunSolaris"] ] return os ] ; process tiff file ; warning: tesseract processes tiff file with only .tif extension ! Load_tiff: does [ tfile: request-file/filter "*.tif" if error? try [ v1/image: load "" result/text: "" result/line-list: none show [v1 result] ; first of all converts tiff file to jpeg format ; since rebol does not process natively tiff sbar/text: "Converting file" show sbar if os = "Mac OSX" [ wait 0:0:001] ; for Mac OSX only prog: join imconverter [" " tfile " " tmp_tiff] t1: now/time/precise call/wait reduce [to-local-file prog] v1/image: load to-file tmp_tiff sbar/text: "Processing file" show sbar ; warning: tesseract asks for a result text file without extension ; warning: tesseract adds ".txt" prog: join freeocr [" " tfile " " tmp_text " -l " ocrl] call/wait reduce [to-local-file prog] ;call/wait prog append tmp_text ".txt" result/text: read to-file tmp_text t2: now/time/precise show [v1 result] if exists? tmp_tiff [delete tmp_tiff] if exists? tmp_text [delete tmp_text] ] [alert "Error in loading tif file" t2: t1: now/time/precise] sbar/text: join "Done in " to-string (t2 - t1) show sbar ] ;save result to text file to be used with word processing for example Save_text: does [ txtfile: request-file/save if error? try [ write to-file txtfile result/text] [alert "Error in saving text file"] ] Get_Os Read_Config ;our main window mwin: layout/size [ origin 0x0 backdrop 160.160.220 space 0x0 across at 5x5 text 50 "Files" font [color: navy] choice 80 160.160.220 edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] "Open Tiff" "Save Text" "Quit"[ switch face/text [ "Open Tiff" [Load_tiff] "Save Text" [Save_Text] "Quit" [quit_requested] ] ] pad 5 text 100 "OCR Language" font [color: navy] lang: choice 80 160.160.220 edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] data langues [ switch/default face/text [ "English" [ocrl: "ENG"] "French" [ocrl: "FRA"] "German" [ocrl: "DEU"] "Dutch" [ocrl: "NLD"] "Italian" [ocrl: "ITA"] "Spanish" [ocrl: "SPA"] ] [ocrl: "ENG"] ] pad 5 text 50 "Fonts" font [color: navy] choice 80 160.160.220 edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] data fnames [ switch face/text [ "Arial" [result/font/name: font-sans-serif result/line-list: none] "Times" [result/font/name: font-serif result/line-list: none] "Courrier" [result/font/name: font-fixed result/line-list: none] ] show result ] pad 5 choice 35 160.160.220 edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] data fsizes [result/font/size: to-integer face/text show result] pad 5 text 60 "Options" font [color: navy] choice 80 160.160.220 edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0 ] "Convert" "Tesseract" [ switch face/text [ "Convert" [dest: request-text/title/default "Where is Image Convert ? " to-string imconverter] "Tesseract" [dest: request-text/title/default "Where is OCR Tesseract ? " to-string freeocr] ] ; if response is <> cancel write init file if not none? dest [write init join "/usr/local/bin/convert" newline write/append init join "/usr/local/bin/tesseract" newline] ] at 5x35 v1: box white csize frame navy pad 5 result: area wrap csize frame navy pad 2 sl: slider as-pair (16) (1 + second csize) [scroll-para result sl] at as-pair (5) (second csize + 41) sbar: box left as-pair (first csize * 1.5) (30) font [shadow: none color: navy ] frame silver sbar2: box center as-pair (21 + first csize * 0.5) (30) font [shadow: none color: navy] join "Version: " os frame silver ] as-pair (32 + first csize * 2) (80 + second csize) view/new center-face mwin insert-event-func [ either all [event/type = 'close event/face = MWin][ quit_requested ][event] ] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage