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REBOL [ File: %obfuscation.r Date: 22-Aug-2009 Title: "Obfuscation" Author: Nick Antonaccio Description: { An exercise in obfuscation - the Snake Game in 761 bytes. Any function used several times is renamed with a shorter word label (r: :random, p: :append, etc.). Spaces surrounding all parentheses and brackets are also removed. Taken from the tutorial at } ] do[p: :append u: :reduce k: :pick r: :random y: :layout q: 'image z: :if g: :to-image v: :length? x: does[alert join{SCORE: }[v b]quit]s: g y/tight [btn red 10x10]o: g y/tight[btn tan 10x10]d: 0x10 w: 0 r/seed now b: u[q o(((r 19x19)* 10)+ 50x50)q s(((r 19x19)* 10)+ 50x50)]view center-face y/tight[c: area 305x305 effect[draw b]rate 15 feel[engage: func[f a e][z a = 'key[d: select u['up 0x-10 'down 0x10 'left -10x0 'right 10x0]e/key]z a = 'time[z any[b/6/1 < 0 b/6/2 < 0 b/6/1 > 290 b/6/2 > 290][x]z find(at b 7)b/6[x]z within? b/6 b/3 10x10[p b u[q s(last b)]w: 1 b/3:((r 29x29)* 10)]n: copy/part b 5 p n(b/6 + d)for i 7(v b)1 [either(type?(k b i)= pair!)[p n k b(i - 3)][p n k b i]]z w = 1[clear(back tail n)p n(last b)w: 0]b: copy n show c]]]do[focus c]]]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage