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REBOL [ Title: "ICO view 2" Date: 18-Aug-2001/23:40:32+2:00 Version: 0.0.5 File: %ico-view2.r Author: "oldes" Purpose: {To view the images from the ICO files (windows icons)} Comment: {This is just an example what to do with the %ico-parser2} Email: %oldes--bigfoot--com library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: none domain: 'GUI tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ;first of all I include the %ico-parser.r do %ico-parser2.r do %slide.r wm: make object! load %win-maker.r get-icon: func[ ico-file /local ico i icon i-size ][ ico-parser/load-ico ico-file ico-parser/get-icon icon: make face [ size: ( ico-parser/size ) image: ( ico-parser/img ) edge: none name: "" state: off effect: [] highlite: func[f][ either f/state [ remove/part find f/effect 'invert 1 ][ insert tail f/effect [invert] ] f/effect/3: 255.255.255 - f/effect/3 f/state: not f/state show f ] feel: make feel [ engage: func [f a e /local o pf dmax][ pf: f/parent-face if a = 'down [ f/state: on highlite f remove find pf/pane f append pf/pane f mouse-pos: e/offset print f/name show f ] if a = 'up [] if find [over away] a [ dmax: to-pair reduce [(pf/size/x - f/size/x) (pf/size/y - f/size/y)] o: f/offset + (e/offset - mouse-pos) o: max 0x0 min o dmax f/offset: o show f ] ] over: func [f a e][ highlite f ] ] ] icon/effect: reduce ['fit 'key ico-parser/key-color] icon ] save-to-png?: false icons-dir: to-file ask "Path to dir with icons: %" ;%umac/ ;%Sputnik_ipack/ ;%FuturistYellow_IP/ if #"/" <> last icons-dir [insert tail icons-dir #"/"] icons: read icons-dir ic-offset: 0x0 prin "Loading...." icon-field: make face [ size: 320x240 color: 170.185.165 edge: none pane: make block! [] ] foreach ico-file icons [ if found? find ico-file ".ico" [ prin ico-file ic: get-icon icons-dir/:ico-file if (ic-offset/x + ic/size/x) > icon-field/size/x [ ic-offset/x: 0 ic-offset/y: ic-offset/y + ic/size/y ] ic/offset: ic-offset ic/name: ico-file append icon-field/pane ic ic-offset/x: ic-offset/x + ic/size/x ;if ic-offset/x > icon-field/size/x [ ; ic-offset/x: 0 ; ic-offset/y: ic-offset/y + ic/size/y ;] loop length? ico-file [prin "^(back) ^(back)"] ] ] print "DONE" if ic-offset/y > icon-field/size/y [icon-field/size/y: ic-offset/y + ic/size/y] win: make face compose [ size: 332x240 edge: none ; make edge [size: 1x1 color: 0.0.0] pane: copy [] ] insert win/pane reduce ['content icon-field] add-slider win reduce ['dragging win/pane/content] view/options center-face f: wm/add-title win "Icon viewer" [no-title]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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