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REBOL [ File: %arff-datamining.r Date: 31-Jan-2009 Title: {ARFF Data Mining} Author: {Izkata} Email: %Izkata--gmail--com Purpose: { Implement a framework for Data Mining algorithms that works on ARFF files. Includes various algorithms. Assumes class being mined for is the last attribute. } Library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: [package tool] domain: [ai file-handling math scientific testing] ] Tested-Under: [ [ {Windows} 2.7.6 ] [ {Ubuntu 8.04} 2.7.6 ] ] History: [ 25-Jan-2009 thru 22-Feb-2009 {Initial creation and recreation to this version} 29-Jan-2009 thru 19-Feb-2009 {Replace Missing Values, Entropy-Based Discretizers, and Naïve Bayes} 19-Feb-2009 thru 12-Mar-2009 {Decision Tree (Currently incomplete, but works)} ] Info: { Preprocessing Replace Missing Values Average by class for continuous, most common by class for categorical Transform Categorical -> Continuous by category index Continuous -> Categorical by an entropy-based discretizer that works by combining groups (Much faster, but less accurate than, splitting the standard way) Categorical -> Ordinal, indicated by storing the attributes internally as words (Categorical is stored internally as strings) Continuous -> Ordinal not supported, but would be a simple fix Data Mining Algorithms Naïve Bayes Probabilities based on counting up the training data Decision Tree A tree of (most) possible outcomes, limited by and based on the training data Up-And-Coming Normalization: Min/Max Normalization: Z-Score Data Mining Algorithm: Neural Network Possibly Up-And-Coming Data Mining Algorithm: Clustering Data Mining Algorithm: Association Rule } Background: { Spring 2009 semester, I'm taking a Data Mining course. Everyone I've ever asked about it has said something along the lines of "The semester you take it will be hell. But if you can get through it, you will feel like a programming god." Come the first day of class, a nice surprise came: Our professor doesn't care what langauge we use, as long as we provide a Windows batch file she can double-click on to run it. The result is this. The package will be updated throughout this semester. } ] print {This is only a stub. The entirety needs to be installed with the package manager.} print {Loading package manager now - select arff-datamining.r from the list} wait 1 do
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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