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REBOL [ title: "1 million rows grid 3" date: 11-mar-2017 file: %1-million-rows-grid3.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Demo of grid data display, with lots of features (save/load, add/remove, undo, multiline edit, sort, search, key scroll, separator lines, etc.) using VID's 'list style. See the minimal examples (grids 1 and 2) to learn the basics about using the VID list widget. } ] REBOL [title: "GRID: SAVE/LOAD, ADD/REMOVE, UNDO, EDIT, SORT, FIND, KEYS"] sp: 0 asc: false mx: cnt: 9999 repeat i cnt [repend/only x:[] [i random now join random"ab"random"cde^/"]] scrl: func [arg] [sp: sp + arg sl/data: sp / length? x show g] srt: func [f] [ sort/compare x func[a b][(at a f) < (at b f)] if asc: not asc [reverse x] show li ] do [request-big: do replace replace replace mold :request-text {field 300} "area 400x300" {with [flags: [return]]} "" {194} "294"] updt: func [f] [f/text: request-big/default f/text show li] view center-face g: layout [ across h4 "ID" 55 [srt 1] h4 "Date" 170 [srt 2] h4 "Text" [srt 3] return li: list 330x400 [ across text 55 blue [cnt: face/data] text 170 text 80x30 rebolor [updt face] return box black 400x1 ] supply [ if none? e: pick x count: count + sp [face/text: none exit] face/text: pick e index face/data: count ] sl: slider 20x400 [sp: value * length? x show li] return btn #"^~" "Remove" [ud: first at x cnt remove at x cnt show li] btn "Undo" [if value? 'ud [insert/only at x cnt ud unset 'ud show g]] btn "Add" [ mx: mx + 1 insert/only at x ++ cnt + 1 reduce[mx random now random "abcd"] show li ] btn "Search" [ if find reduce[p: request-list"Field:"[1 2 3]h: request-text]none[exit] u: copy[] foreach i x [foreach [j k l] i [ if find pick reduce [form j form k form l] p h [append u form i] ]] if empty? u [notify "Not found" exit] fnd: request-list "" u repeat i length? x [if (fnd = form x/:i)[sp: i - 1 break]] show g ] btn "Col2" [foreach [i j] x [append y:[] i/2] editor y] btn "Save" [attempt [save to-file request-file/save/file %grid.txt x]] btn "Load" [attempt [x: load request-file/only/file %grid.txt show li]] key keycode [down][scrl 10] key keycode [up][scrl -10] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage