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REBOL [ title: "1 million rows grid 2" date: 11-mar-2017 file: %1-million-rows-grid2.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Demo of grid data display, with some features (edit, save, arrow keys scroll), using VID's 'list style See for more features } ] sp: 0 repeat i 1000 [repend/only x:[] [form i form random now copy"abcd"]] scrl: func [arg] [sp: sp + arg sl/data: sp / length? x show g] updt: func [f] [f/text: request-text/default f/text show li] view g: layout [ across li: list 310x400 [ style tx text [updt face] across tx 55 blue tx 170 tx 80 brown ] supply [ face/text: either e: pick x count: count + sp [e/:index][none] ] sl: slider 20x400 [sp: value * length? x show li] return btn "Save" [save to-file request-file/save/file %grid.txt x] key keycode [down][scrl 10] key keycode [up][scrl -10] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage