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Archive version of: redcompiler.r ... version: 3 ... arnold 29-Nov-2012

REBOL [ Title: "Red compiler and Runner"
        File: %redcompiler.r
        Date: 29-nov-2012
        Author: "Arnold van Hofwegen"
        Purpose: "GUI to help with compile and run your Red(/System) scripts."
; GUI for compiling Red(/System) scripts.
; How to use this script?
; Select the map red-system for the directory
; Select your script (in the tests directory).
; Hit compile and hope for the best.
; When your script compiles run it as usual on your system. 
; if not, learn to type unview/all and reset your directory.
; Function
compile-script: func [/local args-string
] [
    print "compiling"
    compile-message: copy ""
    compile-string: copy ""
    dir: txt-red-dir/text
    filnam: replace copy txt-red-script/text dir ""
    ; normal compile
    ; do/args %red.r "%tests/"
    ; do/args %rsc.r "%tests/hello.reds"
    either ".reds" = to-string suffix? filnam [
        ;print "Red/System"
        compile-string: append compile-string "do/args %rsc.r " 
        filnam: replace filnam "red-system/" ""
        compile-string: append compile-string "do/args %red.r " 
    compile-string: append compile-string {"} ;-- "
    ; Verbose
    ; do/args %rsc.r "-v 5 %tests/hello.reds"
    args-string: copy ""
    probe chk-verbose/data
    if  chk-verbose/data [
        args-string: "-v "
        args-string: append args-string chc-verbose/text
        args-string: append args-string " "
    compile-string: append compile-string args-string
    ; Cross compiling
    ; Target ID	 Description
    ; MSDOS      Windows, x86, console-only applications
    ; Windows    Windows, x86, native applications
    ; Linux      GNU/Linux, x86
    ; Linux-ARM  GNU/Linux, ARMv5
    ; Darwin     Mac OS X Intel, console-only applications
    ; Syllable   Syllable OS, x86
    ; Android    Android, ARMv5
    ; From Windows, to emit Linux executables:
    ; do/args %rsc.r "-t Linux %tests/hello.reds"
    ; From Linux, to emit Windows console executables:
    ; do/args %rsc.r "-t MSDOS %tests/hello.reds"
    if  chk-cross/data [
        args-string: "-t "
        compile-string: append compile-string args-string
        if rd-dos/data [compile-string: append compile-string "MSDOS "]
        if rd-win/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Windows "]
        if rd-lin/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Linux "]
        if rd-lia/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Linux-Arm "]
        if rd-dar/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Darwin "] ;-- only console
        if rd-mac/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Darwin "] ;-- not yet available
        if rd-syl/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Syllable "]
        if rd-and/data [compile-string: append compile-string "Android "]

    compile-string: append compile-string "%"
    compile-string: append compile-string filnam
    compile-string: append compile-string {"} ;-- "

    compile-message: append compile-message "Compile using the string: "
    compile-message: append compile-message compile-string
    confirm-compile: request/confirm compile-message 
    either confirm-compile [
        ;alert "Sorry not implemented yet!"
        do compile-string
        alert "Too bad, I wanted to do that!"
; Layout applicatiescherm
cross-comp-panel: layout [
    origin 2x2
    size 400x100
    backcolor white
    rd-dos: radio false 'crosstype text "MSdos"  
    rd-win: radio false 'crosstype text "Windows"  
    rd-dar: radio false 'crosstype text "Darwin Mac OS X console"
    rd-mac: radio false 'crosstype text "Mac OS X"  
    rd-lin: radio true  'crosstype text "Linux"  
    rd-syl: radio false 'crosstype text "Syllable"  
    rd-lia: radio false 'crosstype text "Linux-ARM"  
    rd-and: radio false 'crosstype text "Android"  
 empty-panel: layout [
     origin 2x2
     size 400x100  
main: layout [
        origin 20x20
	btn-request-dir: button 300 "Where is your Red directory?" [txt-red-dir/text: request-dir "Select your Red directory" change-dir txt-red-dir/text show txt-red-dir]
	txt-red-dir-here: text 250 " Your Red(/System) scripts are in:"
	txt-red-dir: text 300 " Please choose the directory " 
	btn-request-file: button 300 "Which Red(/System) script to compile?" [txt-red-script/text: request-file/only "Select your Red script" show txt-red-script]
	txt-red-script: text 500 " Please give the script to compile " 
    chk-verbose: check text "Compile using verbose mode"
    chc-verbose: choice "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9" "10"
	chk-cross: check [either chk-cross/data [
	                      pnl-crossinfo/pane: cross-comp-panel
	                      pnl-crossinfo/pane: empty-panel
	                  show pnl-crossinfo]
	txt-cross: text "Cross compiling"
	pnl-crossinfo: box 400x100 white 
	btn-compile: button "Compile script" [
	btn-quit: button "Stop" [;change-dir save-dir 
; Uiteindelijke programma
save-dir: what-dir
cross-comp-panel/offset: 0x0
empty-panel/offset: 0x0
pnl-crossinfo/pane: empty-panel 
view main
change-dir save-dir