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64 scripts tagged as: [type  ·  tutorial]

SVN Version
1.5 KB
4 Oct 2010
Retrieve the global revision number from a local SVN repository. This mimics the feature offered by the svnversion command-line tool See: This can be used in PREBOL (or other scripts preprocessors) to insert the SVN global revision number as a build version.
author: Nenad Rakocevic
Examples Using Switch Function
switch.r1.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Switch between a set of choices or a default. Should make C programmers happy.
author: [unknown]
Demo client with telnet-protocol
863 bytes
13 Mar 2003
A simple telnet-client
author: Frank Sievertsen
Telnet Chat
4.3 KB
6 May 2003
A chat-server you can telnet to! ;o)
author: Tommy Giessing Pedersen
Test de %style-scrollable.r
test-style-scrollable.r4.3 KB
13 Dec 2004
Essai de gestion des scrolls & de tables
author: Claude RAMIER
Text-List Cover Up
164 bytes
27 Oct 2008
[no purpose header found]
author: r.v.d.zee
TFACE: Scrolling text face
tface.r16.9 KB
3 Nov 2011
This is a module that can be included in a larger program with the command 'do %tface.r' and it will provide a function (TFACE-SHOW-TEXT <text-string-parameter>' that will display a passed text string in a scrolling window. This code was copied from the REBOL cookbook and annotated so that the copier could understand it.
author: Steven White with help from Carl
Triangulation Example
triangulation.r4.9 KB
13 May 2005
To demonstrate how to calculate the location of a robot based on response times from three known beacons in a right triangle configuration
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
Create an Intelligent Mail Barcode encoding string
23.3 KB
7 Nov 2011
This is a program to load the United States Postal Service Windows library for creating the new Intelligent Mail Barcode. It is designed to be included in a calling program, and it provides a function to generate a coding string, which in turn may be printed in a proper barcode font to produce an Intelligent Mail Barcode. Normally, one would use [...]
author: Steven White
VID Usage
80.5 KB
10 Jan 2004
VID Usage Tutorial with Runnable Examples
author: Cybarite
Demo sound player
wavplayer.r10.6 KB
4 Nov 2011
The is a complete program (as opposed to a code sample) that plays a .wav file. It is an annotated modification of a script sent to the author in response to a question on the REBOL mailing list, namely, how to find out how long a .wav file will play. Besides playing a sound file, this script is annotated to explain how to make a progress [...]
author: Steven White with help from Rosemary de Dear
Wiki entry R2
4.4 KB
14 Feb 2013
make wikibook/wikipedia/mediawiki entry from defined words, example: my? append (then you can paste directly (CTRL+V), see This works with Rebol2
author: Max Vessi
Wiki entry R3
4.1 KB
2 Jan 2013
make wikibook/wikipedia/mediawiki entry from defined words, example: my? append (then you can paste directly (CTRL+V), see This works with Rebol3
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Win for Life!
1.4 KB
6 Jun 2011
Win for life is an italian lotery. You have to guess 10 number over 20, plus a number over 20. The probability is about 1/3000000. This is a simply random numbers generator between 1 and 20.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
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