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Cellular automata
759 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Shows some steps in the evolution of a Turing complete cellular automaton from a single marked cell. Replace ..1.11. with some other expression, like ..11.. or .1..11 , and what do you have? Rule 90, and rule 30, respectively.
author: Errru
Save console history
737 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Takes the history of input into the console and prints it out, line by line, to a file. This way you can paste in functions and whole scripts, and save them for viewing and editing. Sorts it to display the oldest commands at the top.
author: Saw it on the ML a while ago
Save web page
651 bytes
20 Jul 2003
This line reads a web page, strips all its tags (leaving just the text) and writes it to a file called page.txt. Note: requires newer releases of REBOL.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Send email
621 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Simple GUI for email sending. Displays a small ok window when email is sent.
author: DocKimbel
Display server name
529 bytes
13 Aug 2004
Prints the name and version of a website's server.
author: Sunanda
Check if subset
738 bytes
19 Mar 2004
Tells you if set1 is a subset of set2. Works for both series! and bitset! values.
author: gregg irwin
TCP port scanner
850 bytes
20 Jul 2003
This is a simple port scanner. Given a TCP address, it will tell you which of the first 100 ports are accessible. The address can be a host name or number. For example, use "localhost" to scan ports on your own machine. You can scan more ports by increasing the number (from 100), or you can scan ranges by using a FOR loop rather than REPEAT.
author: Anonymous
Day of week
563 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Returns the weekday of the date. Use 'Weekday? like: Weekday? 25/Dec/2002 ; == Wednesday
author: Andrew Martin
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