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10x10 International checkers move generator
732 bytes
22 Nov 2012
Play the international 10x10 checkers game
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Date and time functions
11.8 KB
24 Feb 2011
This script contains the Rebol implementation of some date and time functions provided in the glibc library and the gnumeric (and therefore Microsoft Excel) software. While the use and handling of date and time data are in most cases straightforward with Rebol, some of the advanced date and times functionalities found in glibc and gnumeric are still missing in [...]
author: Francois Vanzeveren
Days until Christmas
976 bytes
18 Oct 2013
Starting on Halloween, Tells how long till Christmas: Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
author: Izkata
#define dialected function
2.7 KB
13 Nov 2003
Make it easier to map C #define statements. Eliminates the need to manually call datatype conversion functions for each item.
author: Gregg Irwin
760 bytes
3 Mar 2013
Delimit series elements with a delimiter.
author: Brett Handley
Demo Emulate PSG AY-3-8912... MSX PoWaaaa !!!!
88.5 KB
9 Feb 2007
Emulate the PSG AY-3-8912
author: Guest2
Threads Demo
1.6 KB
1 Dec 2004
show native multithreading with view 1.3
author: François Jouen
Random Number Generator Demo
7.9 KB
19 Jun 2009
Some examples how to use randomr lib
author: François Jouen.
Desk Calculator
2.5 KB
14 Oct 2004
A tool for simple calculations.
author: Ryan S. Cole
diary.r971 bytes
20 Sep 2014
This programme allows you to simply keep a diary It writes to a plain text file the *** title *** and the body, automatically adding Date and Time.
author: Caridorc
Dice roller generator
1.1 KB
19 Jul 2012
icon for dice-roller.rFrom an idea of Adrew Martin a dice rolling generator for role-playing game like D&d or D20.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Parser for Dicom Header
105.5 KB
7 Apr 2008
Parse dicom headers
author: Willem Michiels
using dict protocol from
8.7 KB
27 Feb 2008
Some usage words for dict:// protocol based on RFC2229
author: Brian Tiffin
dict protocol from
5.1 KB
18 Jul 2007
Implements a dict:// protocol based on RFC2229
author: Brian Tiffin
DNS protocol
13.6 KB
21 Feb 2005
REBOL DIG : Implementation of DNS protocol (RFC 1035) URL is dig://name-server/TYPE/name ans: read dig:// ans: read dig:// ans: read dig::/ you can see a list of available TYPEs in cmd-list in beginning of code use ans/to-str to [...]
author: VDemong
Display chess board
3.5 KB
14 Sep 2004
Display a basic chess board and some moveable counters (use a mouse to drag and drop). The most-recently selected counter comes to the front, if it was obscured by other counters. Intended as a get-you-started set of ideas if you intend to write a board game, and a demo of VID feel and other useful techniques
author: Sunanda
Example for async dns:// and spam dns server
3.9 KB
4 Oct 2003
Example code to: 1) use the dns:// protocol in async mode 2) use the dns:// protocol to check spam address in async mode
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
DO-POP Scheme
7.3 KB
10 Jul 2005
A scheme to allow flexible POP3 operations.
author: Brett Handley
Document Search
2.1 KB
11 Aug 2006
Users may open a directory, search files for a phrase, and then review documents in a browser.
author: rwvd.Zee
2.1 KB
25 Jul 2007
DOS-like DIR command.
author: REBolek
Download page
4.2 KB
17 Jan 2011
Download in a tmp directory all elements of a URL : - CSS scripts - Javascript scripts - Images Return the page size.
author: nicolas
PhotoTrackr DPL700 to GPX/PLT converter
dpl700-converter.r20.8 KB
3 Oct 2009
Converts memory dumps of the Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS logger (MTK) to GPX/OziExplorer formats
author: pijoter
PhotoTrackr DPL700
dpl700.r11.8 KB
30 Sep 2009
Reads the memory from the Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS logger to a file
author: pijoter
Draw A Mouse Over Round Button
2.9 KB
12 Mar 2008
draw a round button with a mouse over effect
author: R. v.d.Zee
Drill Bits
7.6 KB
8 Aug 2005
A VID drill program to help memorize facts using repeated multiple choice question and answers.
author: mikel
EAN-13 Barcode Image Generator
3.7 KB
14 Mar 2005
Generates EAN-13 barcode images as image! which can be used for print out and later read with a barcode reader. It's means to the the basic first version of a fuil barcode generator script for support of mulitple barcode types. Usage: gencode 1234567890123 Any 13-digit can be used, but must be valid 13-digit barcode [...]
author: Henrik Mikael Kristensen
Compute the date of Easter day
1.3 KB
1 Mar 2005
Just a small function to compute the date of the Easter day. Can be used to compute other dates related to Easter. Should be accurate for years starting at 1583 to 2050, and maybe more.
author: Didier Cadieu, but many more
dates of easter
easter.r1.0 KB
1 Mar 2005
find the date Easter will fall on for a particular year
author: [unknown]
Easy Drawer
9.2 KB
11 Feb 2007
Easy way to test draw commands
author: Guest2
14.8 KB
16 Nov 2005
Easy-Service is a broker based on REBOL/Service which offer an easy way to write and the deploy distributed Rebol application. Easy-Service makes very easy to expose function written in Rebol like REBOL/Services. Thus, you can use these functions as if they were defined locally. In a distributed environment easy-service uses a simple [...]
author: marco
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