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61 scripts tagged as: [license  ·  public-domain]

Keyboard Trener
3.8 KB
25 May 2007
Learn to write rebol words faster without looking at keyboard.
author: Karol Gozlinski
Line Intersection Demo
1.7 KB
10 Jan 2004
Demonstrate an algorithm used to detect an intersection between two line segments.
author: Claude Precourt
Linked Layout Demo
2.0 KB
11 Oct 2003
Shows how to link layouts so when a main window moves, the others stay in the same relative position to it.
author: Gregg Irwin
Native Mac OS X requestors
mac-requestors.r4.8 KB
28 Jun 2009
A set of eight Mac OS X native requestors that approximate and extend the functionality of the REBOL request* functions.
author: Ashley G Truter
Narriated Slideshow
3.1 KB
19 Oct 2006
To make possible simple, easy to make narrated slide shows.
author: Louis A. Turk
Native requestors
native-requestors.r8.8 KB
15 Jul 2009
Replaces a number of REBOL requestors with native equivalents. Windows requires COMLib.r from REQUESTOR Mac Win alert Y Y confirm Y Y request Y Y request-color Y N request-date N N request-dir Y Y request-download N N request-file N N request-list Y N request-pass Y N request-text Y Y say [...]
author: Ashley G Truter
Simple gzip archiver
1.1 KB
8 Jan 2013
Creates gzip archives, 1-line r3 version.
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Image to pgm converter
1.6 KB
29 Jan 2013
Creates a binary Portable Graymap (PGM - P5) from an image! source
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Image to ppm converter
1.0 KB
29 Jan 2013
Creates a binary Portable Pixel Map (PPM - P6) from an image! source
author: Vincent Ecuyer
1.8 KB
31 Jan 2013
A short function for 'posterization' effects on images
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Prime numbers
452 bytes
23 Dec 2012
Give some prime numbers
author: Marco Antoniazzi translated from Wouter van Oortmerssen
PDF label maker
3.4 KB
17 Mar 2004
Create labels with PDF-Maker
author: Gregg Irwin
PDF Tables
4.4 KB
24 Sep 2003
Create tables with the PDF Maker
author: Gabriele Santilli
26.8 KB
19 Jan 2009
[no purpose header found]
author: David 'Oldes' Oliva
Ping using Win32 API
3.6 KB
18 Sep 2009
Real (ICMP) ping using Win32 APIs
author: Endo
Prolog Like Inference Engine
43.1 KB
3 Jan 2011
This is an inference engine wich process prolog like clause The engine can process prolog like clauses of the form : man [jean] woman [mary] human [X] [man [X]] human [X] [woman [X]] CUT (!) and FAIL are implemanted (it's the only hardcoded predicates in the engine) The engine execute Rebol code [...]
author: Marco
PSG AY-3-8910 Study
88.6 KB
20 Feb 2007
This is a simple study for me to understand the basic principle of music generation This script use rebcode (20 time faster) if present. Many thanks to Guest2 making me interrested on this subject (see his script %demo-ay.r)
author: marco
Read & Write metadata
read-write-meta.r1.1 KB
28 Jun 2009
Easily access streams (Windows NTFS) and resource forks (Mac OS X HFS). Linux/Unix not supported.
author: Ashley G Truter
227.7 KB
7 Sep 2012
icon for rebolide.rA Rebol IDE for beginners that helps learning Rebol. I suggest you to put this script in a separete folder.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
21.3 KB
17 Jul 2009
Zip archiver / unarchiver
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Rectangle Module
6.8 KB
11 Oct 2003
Code from a REBOLForces article ( that provides support for rectangle-related operations. It was also used to explore the concept of function spec templates. You could refactor that concept out though if you want.
author: Gregg Irwin
Regset - Regular expression convertor to bitset!
2.1 KB
31 May 2007
Make bitset from simple regex-like dialect.
author: Boleslav Brezovsky
request-date object/func optimization and enhancment
5.4 KB
11 Mar 2004
This is an enhanced replacement for the original request-date function, the embedded date picker in view (datepicker). - Clean, correct and optimize the code. - add day names at top of window (use system/locales/days). - add first-day-of-week value to choose starting with Sunday or Monday. (I think this value should be part of system/locales) - add Today [...]
author: Didier Cadieu
Directory selector (treeview)
4.2 KB
26 Sep 2003
Open a requestor to select a directory. The current directories path is shown as a tree, and sub-dirs are shown for selection.
author: Didier CADIEU
Request List Enhanced
16.4 KB
18 Aug 2014
An enhancement to the regular request-list that allows selecting items from a request list by typing in the first few characters of the item. Works with text, word and number lists. Designed to make optimum use of the keyboard. - New refinement request-list-enhanced/return-index will return the index of the item not the value. - Keys used; cursor up, down, page-up, [...]
author: mike yaunish
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