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532 scripts tagged as: [level  ·  intermediate]

Days until Christmas
976 bytes
18 Oct 2013
Starting on Halloween, Tells how long till Christmas: Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
author: Izkata
Decode Charset Function
910 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Converts 'charset values to something readable
author: Nenad Rakocevic
#define dialected function
2.7 KB
13 Nov 2003
Make it easier to map C #define statements. Eliminates the need to manually call datatype conversion functions for each item.
author: Gregg Irwin
Delete Files by Suffix
delete-suffix.r1.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
Delete files based on their suffixes. Can also delete deeply through all subdirectories.
author: Reburu
Demo Emulate PSG AY-3-8912... MSX PoWaaaa !!!!
88.5 KB
9 Feb 2007
Emulate the PSG AY-3-8912
author: Guest2
Threads Demo
1.6 KB
1 Dec 2004
show native multithreading with view 1.3
author: François Jouen
Random Number Generator Demo
7.9 KB
19 Jun 2009
Some examples how to use randomr lib
author: François Jouen.
Desk Calculator
2.5 KB
14 Oct 2004
A tool for simple calculations.
author: Ryan S. Cole
Email Spam Filter
despam.r1.2 KB
13 Mar 2003
Filters spam by removing all messages from your incoming email that were not sent directly to you. Valid email is not affected and remains on server.
author: Scrip Rebo
Block Diagram
1.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
An example of REBOL code creating a useful diagram.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Parser for Dicom Header
105.5 KB
7 Apr 2008
Parse dicom headers
author: Willem Michiels
Dictionary Lookup
906 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Uses the Merriam-Webster website for dictionary and thesaurus lookups, without using their form. Just a small utility really.
author: Jos Yule
Diff compare
diff.r1.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
See the differences between two files. Only provides basic DIFF functionality. Shows lines which don't exist in other file.
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
1.8 KB
13 Mar 2003
Recursively build a rebol and human readable tree from a directory or a ftp site. Maximum depth can be set.
author: Stephane Bagnier
Display chess board
3.5 KB
14 Sep 2004
Display a basic chess board and some moveable counters (use a mouse to drag and drop). The most-recently selected counter comes to the front, if it was obscured by other counters. Intended as a get-you-started set of ideas if you intend to write a board game, and a demo of VID feel and other useful techniques
author: Sunanda
Example for async dns:// and spam dns server
3.9 KB
4 Oct 2003
Example code to: 1) use the dns:// protocol in async mode 2) use the dns:// protocol to check spam address in async mode
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
DO-POP Scheme
7.3 KB
10 Jul 2005
A scheme to allow flexible POP3 operations.
author: Brett Handley
2.1 KB
25 Jul 2007
DOS-like DIR command.
author: REBolek
PhotoTrackr DPL700 to GPX/PLT converter
dpl700-converter.r20.8 KB
3 Oct 2009
Converts memory dumps of the Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS logger (MTK) to GPX/OziExplorer formats
author: pijoter
PhotoTrackr DPL700
dpl700.r11.8 KB
30 Sep 2009
Reads the memory from the Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS logger to a file
author: pijoter
Drill Bits
7.6 KB
8 Aug 2005
A VID drill program to help memorize facts using repeated multiple choice question and answers.
author: mikel
Dual Column Text
1.6 KB
13 Mar 2003
Shows an easy way to make dual column text.
author: Carl Sassenrath
3.0 KB
24 Nov 2003
Dump a face and its subfaces and deep find shared faces in a pane (for debugging) Returns the face itself, so can be used like probe. Overwrite the standard Rebol function.
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
2.6 KB
24 Nov 2003
Dump style facets and returns a block which can be passed to stylize to create a clone of the style.
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
EAN-13 Barcode Image Generator
3.7 KB
14 Mar 2005
Generates EAN-13 barcode images as image! which can be used for print out and later read with a barcode reader. It's means to the the basic first version of a fuil barcode generator script for support of mulitple barcode types. Usage: gencode 1234567890123 Any 13-digit can be used, but must be valid 13-digit barcode [...]
author: Henrik Mikael Kristensen
Easy Drawer
9.2 KB
11 Feb 2007
Easy way to test draw commands
author: Guest2
Easy VID Tutorial
16.2 KB
13 Mar 2003
Beginner's tutorial to VID.
author: Carl Sassenrath
REBOL Face Effect Lab
5.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Show combinations of effects.
author: Carl Sassenrath
SMTP challenger
1.5 KB
26 Nov 2005
Issues an smtp challenge to see if recipient email address exists. Some mail servers will respond okay anyway to protect users from spammers.
author: Graham Chiu
Quick Email Sender
2.2 KB
13 Mar 2003
A simple GUI example of an email sender.
author: Carl Sassenrath
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