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tag index: d · domain

101 scripts tagged as: [domain  ·  web]

A Reb-Site
70.8 KB
23 Mar 2008
a-reb-site.r was written to: - compare form and function of a reb-site with that of a conventional web-site. ( obliging web-site - perhaps!) & - to provide an example of a reb-site script, & - as an illustration of the compact size of a reb-site relative to the average web-site [...]
author: R.v.d.Zee
Anonymous CGI session services
8.1 KB
18 Dec 2006
Provide basic cookie support for CGI scripts
author: Sunanda
Attribute Values Extractor
ave.r2.1 KB
23 Jan 2006
Extract attribute values from (HTML) tags
author: hy
Encode/Decode Base58
1.1 KB
5 Dec 2009
To Encode Integers as Base58. Used by some URL shortening services.
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
8.7 KB
9 Jan 2009
Basic BBCode implementation. For more info about BBCode check
author: David 'Oldes' Oliva
Web Site Builder
5.6 KB
13 Mar 2003
The actual script that builds the REBOL web site (using a master template and a navigation structure).
author: Carl Sassenrath
Send Message to GSM Cellphone
cellphone.r1.8 KB
13 Mar 2003
To post a message via MTN's SMS gateway to a GSM phone
author: Graham Chiu
CGI wrapper function for debugging
2.6 KB
7 Jan 2005
Provides debugging info for scripts running as a CGI under a webserver
author: Sunanda
Rebol CGI library
cgi.r6.8 KB
4 Mar 2004
Provide everything needed to create a CGI script
author: Cal Dixon
Google Chart API
3.2 KB
24 Jul 2010
Generates a URL to access the Google Charts API
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
Check Web Servers
check-server.r809 bytes
13 Mar 2003
This script can be used to query a web server, and email webmaster if it fails.
author: James Rathbun
Rebol Code colorizer
18.7 KB
19 Jan 2009
To convert Rebol script into html with colorized code. Using string based parsing.
author: David 'Oldes' Oliva
7.5 KB
13 Aug 2004
Demonstrates how to set session cookies and use them to retrieve session variables. Much of the code has been cobbled together from much more structured (ie not all in one module) code used by itself
author: Sunanda
Cookie Client
cookies-client.r8.9 KB
13 Mar 2003
To grab cookies from the server and post form data.
author: andrew grossman
Count and Download
2.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Downloads numbered filenames from the internet.
author: Tommy Giessing Pedersen
Count References on Web Pages
743 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Count the number of times a string appears on each of a given set of web pages.
author: Anonymous
14.8 KB
16 Nov 2005
Easy-Service is a broker based on REBOL/Service which offer an easy way to write and the deploy distributed Rebol application. Easy-Service makes very easy to expose function written in Rebol like REBOL/Services. Thus, you can use these functions as if they were defined locally. In a distributed environment easy-service uses a simple [...]
author: marco
15.1 KB
3 Jan 2011
Easy-Soccer is a broker based on CGI which offer an easy way to write and the deploy distributed Rebol application. Easy-Soccer makes very easy to expose function written in Rebol like services. Thus, you can use these functions as if they were defined locally. In a distributed environment Easy-Soccer uses a simple WEB server and CGI to execute Rebol code [...]
author: marco
emailbot.r1.5 KB
3 Mar 2004
A small prototype of a email robot. The program check a POP3 account for emails with a special subject, and reply with the result of the requested task.
author: caffo
Emit RSS
4.5 KB
19 Nov 2007
Create an RSS Feed from a REBOL Block.
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
Extract URLs
1.3 KB
29 Nov 2009
To identify and extract URIs from plain text
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
6.3 KB
22 Apr 2005
A function which scans a string (normally a web page) and creates a block of URL/Text combinations for each HTML <a> tag in the string.
author: Peter WA Wood
Obscure File Server
fileserver.r14.4 KB
3 Sep 2009
Share files over HTTP protocol +NLS
author: pijoter
Search Web Pages
findweb.r733 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Simple example of searching multiple web pages for a specified string.
author: [unknown] Lookalike Spam Trap
formmail.pl2.5 KB
21 May 2007
Respond to a CGI calls as if we were (See If the request seems to be an openness check, respond with an email indicating this server is ready for abuse. Else, swallow spam email and return nothing. Note the filename - for once, a rebol script [...]
author: HY
headless the P2P console
20.4 KB
13 Mar 2003
A world wide console, headless
author: Maarten Koopmans
HTML calendar
1.4 KB
5 Dec 2003
Creates an HTML file containing the current calendar month and displays it in the browser
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
733 bytes
24 Feb 2005
Issue a HTTP HEAD command
author: Tom Conlin
http-post.r3.6 KB
13 Mar 2003
This script sends a form to a webserver using the POST method. The included example translates a string in English to German by posting the data to AltaVista's translation web page and then parsing the reply.
author: Martin Johannesson
Keep an ISP Connection Alive
keep-alive.r818 bytes
13 Mar 2003
This script can be used to keep an ISP connection alive by accessing the net every so often.
author: Jim Goodnow II
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