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5 scripts tagged as: [author  ·  nicolas]

Diff directorie
diff-directories.r1.1 KB
15 Jan 2011
Give a directory in parameter, => first launch return a block with the content of the directory => next launch, compare content of the directory with save data in a file named old-lst.txt and return new files and file that has changed
author: nicolas
Download page
4.2 KB
17 Jan 2011
Download in a tmp directory all elements of a URL : - CSS scripts - Javascript scripts - Images Return the page size.
author: nicolas
Get REBOL resources
7.9 KB
20 Nov 2010
Get REBOL resources. Download files on local drive. Use parse with rules REBOL concept. So very easy to add new resources to download.
author: nicolas
paradoxtocsv.r2.8 KB
3 Mar 2011
Paradox DB file convert to CSV
author: nicolas
8.6 KB
11 Dec 2010
Source version system for REBOL
author: nicolas