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Postal Barcode
postal-barcode.r771 bytes
9 Feb 2011
Demonstrates how to use the Intelligent Mail encoder dll from the US postal service. This script can also be found in the tutorial at
author: nick
Quick Manual
quick-manual.r1.6 KB
15 Sep 2009
A quick and dirty way to print out help for all built in functions. Also includes a complete list of VID styles ("view layout" GUI widgets), VID layout words, and VID facets (standard properties available for all the VID styles). Give it a minute to run... Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Quick Script Compressor
quick-script-compressor.r1.2 KB
5 Jul 2011
I like to distribute certain scripts in compressed format. They're smaller when compressed, and the compressed syntax keeps casual peeping Toms from messing with the code. Maintaining scripts with compressed code can be a pain, though - decompress the compressed code with REBOL, copy, paste and edit, then recompress, copy, paste, and [...]
author: nick
RebGUI Card File
rebgui-card-file.r2.0 KB
10 Apr 2010
This is an implementation of the Card File program at using RebGUI instead of VID. Notice that the GUI is resizable, the text fields have undo/redo and spellcheck capabilities, requestors are modal, and all the other features of RebGUI are available. Taken from [...]
author: nick
RebGUI Editor
rebgui-editor.r2.5 KB
18 Apr 2010
A minimal text editor program, written to demonstrate menus and a few other basic features of RebGUI. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
RebGUI Spreadsheet Example
rebgui-spreadsheet.r882 bytes
17 Apr 2010
A tiny demo of RebGUI's sheet widget, with save, load, print and data view features. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
RebGUI User List Demo
rebgui-users.r2.3 KB
24 Apr 2010
A simple RebGUI demo. Inspired by the tutorial at Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Rebol Help
rebol-help.r1.7 KB
5 Feb 2017
Provides help for all functions, various elements of VID (GUI system), key codes, colors, built in images, etc. which are the source of common questions by Rebol users.
author: nick
Remove Unwanted Emails CGI
remove-emails-cgi.r1.0 KB
10 Aug 2010
Remove any emails from your POP account which contain specified snippets of text.
author: nick
Remove Type
remove-type.r748 bytes
10 Feb 2014
Removes all values of a given type from a list, or from nested lists any number of levels deep.
author: nick
Relative Positioning In Resized VID Window
resize.r919 bytes
17 Apr 2010
A simple example of how to position widgets relative to one another in a resized VID GUI window. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Room Poll (HTML Survey Generator for LANs)
room-poll.r4.9 KB
31 Dec 2013
Demonstrates a useful app created from the formserver.r script. This app generates an HTML form based on user specs (any number of check, radio, and text entry items), and starts a server to receive survey responses from the audience (they all connect to the LAN server using phones or any other Wifi Internet device). The survey responses [...]
author: nick
Simple File Sharer
share-files.r1.8 KB
27 Jan 2014
I use it to send lists of files to clients' phones, PCs, or any other Internet device they may use. I text or email them the single short personal html file link created by the script, and they click the contained file links to download all their files. It's a stupid simple script and setup which requires only a single unstructured [...]
author: nick
Simple Search
simple-search.r2.7 KB
17 May 2009
Searches though all files in all subdirectories to find given text in each file. Taken from the tutorial at (a website CGI version of the script is also given in the tutorial).
author: nick
CMS - web site builder
sitebuilder.cgi125.6 KB
22 Dec 2012
Easily create, edit, and arrange HTML pages on your web site. Upload existing content files or use the built-in WSYIWYG HTML editor (from to layout pages visually, without having to write any code. It works just like a word processor, except it runs directly in your browser, right on your web site. You can adjust fonts, colors, and other [...]
author: nick
Ski Game
ski-game.r4.4 KB
23 Jul 2009
A little graphic game. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
slidery.r23.5 KB
29 Dec 2013
See the help-text below. An MS Windows .exe. is available at
author: nick
Simple Slideshow Presentation Framework
slideshow-presentation.r4.6 KB
22 Jan 2013
This example is taken from the tutorial at: It demonstrates a simple framework for presenting full screen GUI layouts with built-in keyboard and mouse controls. It simplifies coding tediously repetitive layout elements, by only requiring unique GUI elements in each slide. Widgets [...]
author: nick
Snake Game
snake-game.r2.1 KB
21 Aug 2009
A little graphic game. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Snake Game (tiny GUI version)
snake-gui.r1.1 KB
7 Jan 2017
The draw dialect is not used in this example, only VID GUI, so it's short and full featured for a tiny example. A video explaining the code is at Taken from Variables Key: f food p speed d direction s snake-block g gui e end i count
author: nick
Sound Recorder
sound-recorder.r1.0 KB
4 Nov 2009
Demonstrates how to record sounds using MCI. Plays back the recorded sound using a native REBOL sound port. From the tutorial at
author: nick
Space Invaders Shootup
space-invaders-shootup.r6.9 KB
24 Aug 2009
An extremely simple variation of the classic game. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Student Photo Database
student-photo-database.r4.9 KB
8 Jun 2010
This example came from a question at: It's based on the card file example at:
author: nick
Resizeable Table/Grid/Multi-column List Widget Example
table-grid-list.r14.3 KB
13 Jul 2011
One of the greatest things about REBOL/View is the built in GUI dialect ("VID"). It's great for building simple GUI layouts quickly and easily, but the native list widget can be confusing for newcomers. THIS EXAMPLE IS A FULL FEATURED TABLE/GRID/LIST WIDGET FOR VID GUIs. KEYS: INSERT DELETE ARROWS PAGE UP/DOWN - + [...]
author: nick
Text Calendar
text-calendar.r711 bytes
3 Feb 2017
Prints a calendar for every month, in the year chosen by the user (by default, the current year).
author: nick
TextUI - Textual User Interface
textui.r3.4 KB
22 Jan 2013
Open source REBOL is currently being ported to platforms without GUI support. This script is a simple replacement for GUIs that collect text input from fields and drop down lists. Just specify a block of labels, and a block of default values for each field ('answers). If the the 'answers block contains a nested block, the values in [...]
author: nick
Thumbnail Maker
thumbnail-maker.r4.3 KB
14 Sep 2009
Create image preview sheets from a list of files. Used to make the introductory image at
author: nick
Time Clock
time-clock.r5.2 KB
16 Jan 2011
Used to log hours worked by employees. To help eliminate potential falsified hours, the program takes a photo of the employee each time they clock in and clock out, and sets the system clock using Ladislav Mercir's nist-clock.r This code is provided as-is, with no warranty expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk. This [...]
author: nick
Time Requester
time-requester.r18.8 KB
29 Jun 2012
A simple GUI time requester
author: nick
Tiny Generic CRUD App
tiny-crud-app.r990 bytes
7 Jan 2017
A very short generic data storage/retrieval app example. CRUD = create read update delete records. This can be used as the basis for any sort of rolodex-like app which allows users to enter and edit 'cards' full of information. From
author: nick
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