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forum.r15.2 KB
17 Jun 2010
A CGI forum application, running at Please link to it, so that new REBOLers have a place to ask questions!
author: nick
ftp-chmod.r990 bytes
31 Jul 2010
This is a workaround for REBOL's inability to chmod files (set permissions) with the built in FTP protocol. This script is for MS Windows, but Macintosh and Linux also have command line FTP programs built into the OS that can be used similarly with REBOL's call function.
author: nick
FTP Tool
ftp-tool.r6.4 KB
14 Sep 2009
Full featured FTP application. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
GUI CRUD App Builder
gui-crud-app-builder.r4.4 KB
11 Dec 2013
CRUD is an acronym for Create Read Update and Delete . Familiar types of apps such as contact managers, inventory systems, home video databases, etc., are examples of typical CRUD data storage applications. This script is a simple CRUD app maker that allows you to instantly create CRUD apps which store, retrieve, sort, etc. records [...]
author: nick
Guitar Chord and Scale Diagrammer
guitar-chord-and-scale-diagrammer.r1.6 KB
12 Jan 2014
A little example for the new tutorial at: When the program starts, enter the number of frets you want in your diagram. (The default is 5 frets, but you could use 3 or 4 for smaller diagrams, or more for full fretboard scale diagrams) Click any fret on any string [...]
author: nick
Guitar Chords
guitar-chords.r22.2 KB
9 Dec 2009
Create and print instant guitar chord diagram charts for songs. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Hangman, with word generator
hangman.r1.3 KB
2 Jan 2017
A little hangman game, from
author: nick
HTML Form Generator and Server
html-form-generator-and-server.r7.9 KB
2 Jan 2017
Creates an HTML form, with any fields, areas, check boxes, and drop-down selectors you specify, then runs a server to collect any data entered into the form by users. A cgi version is also provided, which can be run on most shared host providers. A little GUI app is also provided to demonstrate how search and browse collected [...]
author: nick
html-link.r699 bytes
17 Apr 2010
Takes input string containing any number of URLs and outputs a a string with all the web URLs appropriately wrapped as HTML links. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Insult Generator
insult.r4.3 KB
31 Aug 2012
Teaching some young children to program. They loved this one. Be sure to see the tutorial at
author: nick
Intercom (Voice Communicator)
intercom.r3.0 KB
12 Nov 2009
A walkie-talkie push-to-talk type of VOIP application. Extremely simple - just records sound from mic to .wav file, then transfers the wave file to another IP (where the same program is running), for playback. Sender and receiver open in separate processes, and both run in forever loops to enable continuous communication back and forth. [...]
author: nick
Invaders (GUI version)
invaders-gui.r1.4 KB
14 Jan 2017
The draw dialect is not used in this example, only VID GUI, so it's short and full featured for a tiny example. A video explaining the code is at Taken from ; KEYS: a=left s=right space=fire ; VARS: b boxes m missile s invaders l player e end-func p speed [...]
author: nick
Jigsaw Puzzle - press SPACE bar to view original image
jigsaw-puzzle.r1.9 KB
20 Aug 2010
Chop a selected image into a selected number of pieces, and then drag/drop the pieces to reassemble the original image.
author: nick
Jukebox - Wav/Mp3 Player
jukebox.r3.0 KB
20 Aug 2009
Play .wav and .mp3 files from a selection list. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Kindle Email CGI Script
kindle-email.cgi6.1 KB
6 Nov 2011
This is a super simple email program which you can run on your web server to provide email access (read, send, delete, etc.) to multiple accounts, using the simplest of browsers. This was written to be used on a Kindle with 3G access, and was actually written and implemented entirely on that Kindle, using nothing more than my console.cgi [...]
author: nick
List Widget Example
list-widget-example.r5.0 KB
10 Jul 2010
This examples demonstrates how to use REBOL's native GUI list widget to manage a grid of data values. Columns can be sorted by clicking the headers. Individual values at any column/row position can be edited by the user (just click the current value). Entire rows can be added, removed, or moved to/from user-selected positions. [...]
author: nick
Memory Match Game
match-game.r1.8 KB
14 Oct 2015
A configurable 'concentration' type matching game. Enter the number of rows and columns which you want to play. The total number of boxes must be even (to allow pair matching), max 11x10. Graphic size is automatically adjusted to fit the screen. To play, click on any pair of boxes. Remember the characters revealed, and match [...]
author: nick
mp3-player-libwmp.r8.4 KB
8 Aug 2009
Demo of how to play mp3 files in REBOL using libwmp3.dll ( ) Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Multiple Column Data Grids
multi-column-data-grids7.9 KB
23 Sep 2009
A demonstration of how to create your own home made listview types of multiple column data grids. Easier to use than the 'list style, and built entirely using native VID, so completely adjustable to your needs. Many useful features are demonstrated, such as user editing of data in the grid, saving and loading of data to/from [...]
author: nick
Multiple Column Data Grids
multi-column-data-grids.r7.9 KB
30 Nov 2009
A demonstration of how to create your own home made listview types of multiple column data grids. Easier to use than the 'list style, and built entirely using native VID, so completely adjustable to your needs. Many useful features are demonstrated, such as user editing of data in the grid, saving and loading of data to/from [...]
author: nick
Musical Chord Spellings
musical-chord-spellings.r1.3 KB
12 Dec 2013
Prints out the notes that comprise many common types of chords, with all 12 root note variations. Sharps are used to label all accidental notes (no flat notes).
author: nick
No 'REBOL -' in title bar
no-rebol-in-title-bar.r1.2 KB
11 Mar 2010
Remove the deault REBOL - text from _all_ GUI title bars, including alerts and requestors.
author: nick
Number Verbalizer
number-verbalizer.r3.1 KB
13 Mar 2010
Converts number values to their spoken English equivalent. (i.e., 23482194 = Twenty Three million, Four Hundred Eighty Two thousand, One Hundred Ninety Four ). This code was created for a check writing application, but is perhaps useful elsewhere. The algorithm was partially derived from the article at [...]
author: nick
obfuscation.r1.1 KB
1 Sep 2009
[no purpose header found]
author: nick
Paypal Reports
paypal-reports.r2.6 KB
22 Jan 2013
This is a beginner's example taken from the tutorial at: It creates reports on columns and rows of data in a .csv table. The script demonstrates typical CSV file operations using parse, foreach, and simple series functions. The code performs sums upon columns, and selective calculations [...]
author: nick
PDF Bar Code Generator
pdf-barcode.r2.7 KB
14 Mar 2010
Takes a given string and XxY coordinate (in millimeters), and outputs a PDF file containing a printable bar code at the given position. The bar code algorithm is derived directly from Bohdan Lechnowsky's code39.r , and the PDF is generated using Gabriele Santilli's pdf-maker.r . This script was created because images output by the [...]
author: nick
Pig Latin
piglatin.r675 bytes
6 Dec 2013
Enter text, it displays the Pig Latin translation.
author: nick
Generic Playing Card Game Framework
playing-card-framework.r2.9 KB
13 Jan 2010
A simple demonstration of how to use the images in %playing-cards.r to create card games. In this example, the cards are arranged in a way that can be used to play the game of Freecell. The rules of that particular game are not enforced in this example, to keep the code simple and under- standable (you can play a full game of Freecell [...]
author: nick
Playing Card Images
playing-cards.r40.5 KB
13 Jan 2010
A data block of playing card images. Use the following code to view: do %playing-cards.r gui: [size 670x510 backdrop 0.150.0 across ] foreach [card label num color pos] cards [ append gui compose [ at (pos) image load to-binary decompress (card) ] view layout gui Taken from the tutorial at [...]
author: nick
pos.r12.6 KB
14 Mar 2010
This is a point of sale system (sales checkout, receipt printer, and data storage system) written using RebGUI. It may help provide some basic insight into the workings of RebGUI. Actually, the majority of this code manages user workflow - saving/retrieving receipts. The RebGUI parts are simple and short. Note that the username [...]
author: nick
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