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Great Computer Language Shootout : hello
597 bytes
27 Sep 2005
To test startup time in the Great Computer Language Shootout
author: Lok Yek Soon
Hide E-Mail Addresses by using Javascript
2.5 KB
3 Jun 2005
This will take a web page and find all the mailto:aaa@bbb and convert the addresses to variables for use in Javascript. This effectively 'hides' the addressess from webbot e-mail address harvesters. Note: This script expects the opening tag (<a href="mailto:...">) and the closing tag (</a>) to be on one or at [...]
author: Gordon Raboud
Half-life log parser
hllogparser.r5.8 KB
4 Mar 2004
Allows a rebol script to parse server logs from the game: Half-life
author: Cal Dixon
HTML calendar
1.4 KB
5 Dec 2003
Creates an HTML file containing the current calendar month and displays it in the browser
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
IFF dialect
4.3 KB
16 Jan 2013
Electronic Arts Interchange File Format (IFF) dialect
author: Vincent Ecuyer
1.8 KB
6 Aug 2010
Add to index.r all the files and directory of the current directory
author: Massimiliano Vessi
edit-tools + little editor
23.9 KB
14 Apr 2005
Various stuff to implement an editor. Main features: Tools to plug an area with find/replace in a few lines. And a little editor with plugins.
author: Volker Nitsch
Convert 'Date' datatype to International Date - ISO 8601.
1.0 KB
8 Nov 2005
Simple one-liner function to covert date to ISO 8601 format. In my application a time stamp is not needed nor included in this function. For a function that includes a timestamp see: to-iso-8601-date.r
author: Gordon Raboud
Make And Print A CD Label
label-and-print.r6.6 KB
6 Jan 2008
This script illustrates how CD labels may be drawn and printed with REBOL and illustrates how REBOL output may be printed when incorporated into an HTML page.
author: r.
leftString Function
808 bytes
28 Aug 2005
A simple string function which returns the left most n characters.
author: Dale K. Brearcliffe
lexigraphic permutations
lexpem.r1.9 KB
26 Oct 2003
to generate permutations of a series in the order they would be found in a dictionary
author: Tom Conlin
VB Like Operator Module/pattern-matcher
6.7 KB
15 Oct 2006
The LIKE? function is a first crack at something like VB's Like operator. i.e. a *very* simple RegEx engine as you would use in shells for file globbing. The real purpose was to help me get acquainted with parse.
author: Gregg Irwin
Load-Parse-Tree (Parse-Analysis)
8.5 KB
5 May 2013
Load a block structure representing your input as matched by Parse.
author: Brett Handley
Lowercase All Tags
886 bytes
21 Jan 2005
Given an HTML or XML file, shifts all tags to lowercase. Everything in the tag is lowercased, so you will need to inspect the resulting file names, etc. But, for most files this is easier than doing it manually. (Also shows how easy it is to do this kind of conversion.)
author: Carl Sassenrath
Email Viewer (as web page)
mailview.r1.3 KB
13 Mar 2003
This example displays all of your pending email as an HTML web page. (But does not remove it.)
author: [unknown]
57.8 KB
7 Feb 2004
Parses the make-doc-pro markup language into a datastructure that can be into other document formats (such as HTML) with good titles, table of contents, section headers, indented fixed-spaced examples, bullets and definitons.
author: Robert M. Münch
REBOL Standard Document Formatter
9.3 KB
10 Jan 2005
(See MakeDoc2 for the latest version.) Converts very simple text file format into other document formats (such as HTML) with good titles, table of contents, section headers, indented fixed-spaced examples, bullets and definitons. Does the formatting so you can focus on the hard part: the words.
author: Carl Sassenrath
16.5 KB
2 Apr 2007
Makes a list of words from a string
author: peter
MakeDoc 2 - The REBOL Standard Document Formatter
17.0 KB
10 Mar 2007
This is the official MakeDoc document formatter that is used by REBOL Technologies for all documentation. It is the fastest and easiest way to create good looking documentation using any text editor (even ones that do not auto-wrap text). It creates titles, headings, contents, bullets, numbered lists, indented examples, note blocks, and more. For documentation, [...]
author: Carl Sassenrath
Specs Document Converter (Text to HTML)
4.3 KB
10 Jan 2005
(See MakeDoc2 for the latest version.) We use this script to save a lot of time when writing specification documents here at REBOL HQ. Very little notation is required to produce good looking HTML documents with titles, table of contents, section headers, indented fixed-spaced examples, sidebars , and more. Does all the formatting so we can focus on writing the words (the hard [...]
author: Carl Sassenrath
Markdown entry for R3
4.2 KB
7 Jan 2013
make markdown entry from defined words, example: my? append (then you can paste directly (CTRL+V), see This works with Rebol3
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Search Mailbox
mbxfind.r1.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Search a Eudora mailbox file and output a file with all the messages that contain a given string.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Print Mailbox Subjects
mbxsubjects.r800 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Prints all the mail subject lines for a Eudora mailbox file.
author: Carl Sassenrath
1.3 KB
21 Aug 2012
Strips Whitespace and Comments from a Script
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
Multi-methods implementation
9.0 KB
11 Apr 2005
Implements polyformism using multi-methods technique and typed objects
author: Jaime Vargas
Sort by multiple keys
2.4 KB
17 Apr 2006
Function to sort series with more than one field per record, by multiple keys, in any position and in ascending or descending order each one of them.
author: Cesar Chavez
never cache
2.7 KB
10 Oct 2004
function that outputs rebol and javascript code to ensure a page is always freshly loaded from the server
author: Anton Rolls
REBOL Blogger
39.0 KB
11 Jul 2007
The blog system written and used by Carl Sassenrath, REBOL's creator. This script will let you post and update blogs on your website using just a web browser. Generates summary and index pages, blog searches, etc. Extensible with Makedoc2 for more formatting options.
author: Carl Sassenrath
National Geographic Image of the Day Downloader
2.0 KB
9 Feb 2004
Downloads the current picture of the day from and saves it to a location of your choice. Directions: Change the 'filename' in the source to the location of your choice. The agrument -s causes it to be silent and so not print what step it is at. These directions can be seen by adding a -h agrument.
author: Charles MOUGEL
National Geographic Image of the Day Downloader
12.3 KB
11 Sep 2007
Downloads all the Picture Of The Day images (current and past) from the National Geographic website and saves it to a location of your choice. Revisions: Version 1.2.5 Checked to see if the large wallpaper exists and if not to use the smaller wall paper image. Version 1.2.4 Changed from Viewing the POTD to Browsing the POTD which then allows the user to go back [...]
author: Gordon Raboud
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