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95 scripts tagged as: [//math]

Desk Calculator
2.5 KB
14 Oct 2004
A tool for simple calculations.
author: Ryan S. Cole
Compute the date of Easter day
1.3 KB
1 Mar 2005
Just a small function to compute the date of the Easter day. Can be used to compute other dates related to Easter. Should be accurate for years starting at 1583 to 2050, and maybe more.
author: Didier Cadieu, but many more
factorial.r554 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Compute a factorial
author: Ken Lake
697 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Converts Temperature in Celcius to Fahrenheit.
author: Andrew Martin
Fire and Smoke particles generator.
14.3 KB
18 Sep 2010
icon for fire-smoke-particle-generator.rA particle engine demo which generates fire and smoke, with a lot of control and some compositing built-in
author: [unknown]
5.5 KB
18 Jul 2007
Return formatted date string using strftime style format specifiers
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
A Variation on Conway's Game of Life
5.3 KB
21 Sep 2005
A GUI implementation of a modified version of the popular cellular automaton system. The rules: 1) Each cell (square) on the grid is either alive (blue) or dead (white) 2) For every iteration, each cell's next state depends on current state and # of live neighbors a) if cell is alive, it stays alive <=> 2 or 3 neighbors are alive b) if cell is dead, [...]
author: Ayrris Aunario
Download stock data
5.1 KB
9 Jan 2006
Get stock data from Yahoo. Return a block of blocks: date, open, high, low, close, volume, or the csv data as a sting. Optionally store the csv data as a file.
author: matt licholai
Graph a function
19.2 KB
13 Jun 2004
Graph a function rounding function by Ladislav Mecir Usage .... Type in your function of x into the input field Some pretty functions to get you started ..... 3 * sin (0.5 * pi * x) 3 * sin (x * x) exp(0.1 * x) * (sin(4 * pi * x)) 4 * sin (4 * pi / x) 0.2 * exp(- x) * sin [...]
author: Phil Bevan
Histogram maker
9.6 KB
18 Apr 2011
To produce a histogram from a data series, to display it in a window, to save it as PNG file and/or as a data file
author: Rudolf W. Meijer
2.8 KB
28 Jan 2004
Provides conversion to and from IEEE-32 float (binary)
author: Piotr Gapinski
Mandelbrot fractal ASCII renderer, integer version for Rebol, Red and World
1.9 KB
29 Dec 2013
Show a Mandelbrot fractal on the console
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Kilos to Stones & Pounds
kg-st-remainder-lbs.r923 bytes
5 Sep 2005
To convert weight from kg to stone & lbs.
author: Leke
683 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Returns true for a leap year.
author: Andrew Martin
lexigraphic permutations
lexpem.r1.9 KB
26 Oct 2003
to generate permutations of a series in the order they would be found in a dictionary
author: Tom Conlin
1.4 KB
8 Nov 2006
Linearly interpolate between two numbers
author: Glenn M. Lewis
1.9 KB
18 Aug 2009
Create Mandelbrot Set
author: Keith Ray
Mandelbrot II
3.0 KB
18 Aug 2009
Create Mandelbrot Set with colors
author: Keith Ray
Mass mailer
6.1 KB
15 Feb 2011
icon for massmailer.rMass emailng the world!
author: Massimiliano Vessi
1.3 KB
13 Mar 2003
Tiny calculator example.
author: Ryan Cole
Mini virtual and x86 machine dll to speed-up calculations a bit
41.1 KB
24 Feb 2019
speed-up calculations a bit.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Decimal Arithmetic
v:see mo
7.0 KB
22 Jul 2010
Decimal arithmetic for numbers held as strings. Numbers may have up to 12 integral digits and always have 2 fractional digits
author: peter
Multi-methods implementation
9.0 KB
11 Apr 2005
Implements polyformism using multi-methods technique and typed objects
author: Jaime Vargas
Natural numbers sum
natural-numbers-sum.r1.0 KB
27 Sep 2014
Sums all the natural numbers up to a given input. Uses the equality: 1 + 2 + 3 +... + n = n*(n+1)/2 to avoid looping.
author: Caridorc
How many seconds old are you?
now.r1.2 KB
6 Sep 2004
Newbie exercise (written by a newbie) to learn more about the NOW Function Word.
author: Leke
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