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Recursively scan directory
2.0 KB
9 Oct 2008
Scans a directory recursively and returns path to all files in a block. Allows file matching and a callback function per file.
author: Henrik Mikael Kristensen
Scientific Calculator
1.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
For scientific calculations. Currently in beta, so dont use it to figure out critical information just yet.
author: Ryan S. Cole
SCRIM (Simple Console Rebol Instant Messenger)
3.3 KB
13 Mar 2003
RIM for those without View
author: Ryan S. Cole
895 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Returns the script source code for a word.
author: Andrew Martin
Scrolling Fields
9.5 KB
27 Mar 2006
This script illustrates the use of fields and a scroller to display data. Similar to a text-list, scrolling fields provides greater control over the presentation of data.
author: R.v.d.Zee
Scrolling layout demo
scrollinglayout.r22.7 KB
7 Feb 2013
This is a demo of making a sub-layout, on a main window, that is too big for the main window and can be scrolled. It was adapted from the REBOL cookbook and heavily annotated as an aid in learning how the scroller works.
author: Steven White with help from Carl and MaxV
Scroll Pictures
scrollpic.r1.9 KB
13 Mar 2003
Scroll through some pictures
author: P. Bevan
SDL library interface
131.3 KB
23 Sep 2012
Code to bind SDL shared library to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Search Center
3.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Uses various resources for various searches without having to go to their website.
author: Kevin Adams
Search Center
3.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Searches various places,such as Google, without having to go to their website .
author: Kevin Adams
11.2 KB
22 Oct 2005
Cleans up parent markers in a path, whilst restricting the output to a sandbox directory
author: anton rolls
Series Slice
3.3 KB
4 Aug 2004
Provides array slicing for series
author: Stan Silver
Server object handler script
server.r5.1 KB
19 Oct 2004
This script will parse robot.txt files and store a hash! of forbidden paths. This is very useful for webbots or spiders of any kind (at least if obeying robot exclusion standards is desirable). I looked at the ht://dig package ( script that does the same thing as this script to see if I [...]
author: hy
REBOL Prompt Setter
set-prompt.r613 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Demonstrates how to set the prompt in REBOL
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
EMail Setup (for Send)
setemail.r1.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Minimum set-up for sending email messages from REBOL.
author: [unknown]
SHA1 Message-Digest Algorithm
5.3 KB
16 Dec 2012
Returns a sha1 message digest of an input string as a binary!
author: Marco Antoniazzi
SHA2 Message-Digest Algorithm
7.7 KB
23 Mar 2013
Returns a sha2 message digest of an input string as a binary!
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple File Sharer
share-files.r1.8 KB
27 Jan 2014
I use it to send lists of files to clients' phones, PCs, or any other Internet device they may use. I text or email them the single short personal html file link created by the script, and they click the contained file links to download all their files. It's a stupid simple script and setup which requires only a single unstructured [...]
author: nick
Simple Virtual Shrink
shrink.r12.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
This script is a virtual shrink chatter bot . It was obviously inspired by the original shrink bot called Eliza. When the program gets a sentence in English, it tries to find a matching rule in its rule database and if it understands the sentence it tries to give a reasonable reply. (Type quit to quit)
author: Martin Johannesson
Similarity Metrics
21.2 KB
19 Feb 2006
Toolkit of string distance metrics.
author: Francois Vanzeveren (fvz)
Simple accordion style
2.0 KB
23 Aug 2018
Create accordions, using a simple but versatile function.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple launcher
956 bytes
2 Jun 2011
A simple gui to launch a REBOL script.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple Emailer
simple-mail.r1.4 KB
13 Mar 2003
A simple script, which uses the e-mail capabilities of REBOL in a more user friendly way.
author: Klaus Matuschek
Simple Math
2.5 KB
7 Mar 2005
A simple little math test program.
author: James Irwin
Menu style example
2.1 KB
30 Oct 2010
A quick way to add a simple menu to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi directly derived from Nick Antonaccio
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