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Easy Quick Plot
60.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Simple tutorial for using the quick plot dialect.
author: Matt Licholai
VID Usage
80.5 KB
10 Jan 2004
VID Usage Tutorial with Runnable Examples
author: Cybarite
Easy VID Tutorial
16.2 KB
13 Mar 2003
Beginner's tutorial to VID.
author: Carl Sassenrath
FTP Tool
ftp-tool.r6.4 KB
14 Sep 2009
Full featured FTP application. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Jukebox - Wav/Mp3 Player
jukebox.r3.0 KB
20 Aug 2009
Play .wav and .mp3 files from a selection list. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
mp3-player-libwmp.r8.4 KB
8 Aug 2009
Demo of how to play mp3 files in REBOL using libwmp3.dll ( ) Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Little 3D Game
3d-game.r3.8 KB
2 Jan 2017
Try to click the bouncing REBOLs as many times as possible in 30 seconds. The speed increases with each click! The 3D logic and calculations in this script were taken directly from Gregory Pecheret's ebuc-cube script, at: This script can also be found in the tutorial at [...]
author: nick
Area with scrollers style
13.7 KB
27 Sep 2004
This is a new area style with possible vertical and/or horizontal scrollers. It allow selection of text outside the viewable area and have a read-only mode.
author: Didier Cadieu (alias DideC)
Animated GIF Example
animated-gif.r8.2 KB
30 Jun 2008
An example of how to use the 'anim' function. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
App Builder
appbuilder.r26.4 KB
16 Feb 2017
An app builder to help new students learn how to write Rebol code. To create a user interface for a new app, just point and click any GUI widget (button, text field, dropdown box, etc.). You'll be prompted to edit the properties of each added widget, and you can add actions which will run when the user interacts with the widget. Actions [...]
author: nick
Asynchronous Get Keys
async-get-keys.r602 bytes
17 Apr 2010
Demonstrates how to check for async keystrokes (including arrow keys) in the REBOL console. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Bar Charts
bar-charts.r1.9 KB
9 Feb 2013
Several examples demonstrating how to draw bar charts using simple REBOL GUI code. From the tutorial at:
author: Nick Antonaccio
Chord Accompaniment Player
chord-accompaniment-player.r2.4 KB
30 Jun 2008
Plays music backup tracks, based on chord progressions entered as text. See for a case study about how this program was created.
author: nick antonaccio
CGI Event Calendar
cgi-event-calendar.r2.4 KB
17 Apr 2010
A web site CGI application that displays events in the current calendar month, with links to specified event pages. Events are stored in the file %bb.db, in the format: ["event 1" 18-Apr-2010] ["event 2" 20-Apr-2010] ["event 3" 20-Apr-2010] [...]
author: nick
Mapserver client: Demo map
38.0 KB
13 Mar 2006
Simple Mapserver ( client.
author: Janeks Kamerovskis
calculator-tutorial.r1.4 KB
1 Mar 2009
A little GUI calculator example, with printout. Taken from the tutorial at
author: [unknown]
chmod777to555.r1.4 KB
17 Apr 2010
I use this script to make sure that there are no files chmod'd to 777 on my webservers. Built in is a routine that collects and writes the name of every folder and every file on my server, to a text file. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Core Email
core-email.r5.1 KB
12 Oct 2009
A simple email program that can run in REBOL/Core - entirely at the command line (no VID GUI components or View graphics are required). You can store configuration information for as many email accounts as you'd like in the accounts block, and easily switch between them at any point in the program. Taken from the [...]
author: nick
Windows clock sync
clock-sync.r1.5 KB
24 Oct 2009
Synchronize your Windows date and time with the clock on your web server. The 4 line CGI script given at the end of this example prints out the current date and time on your web server, and this script reads it and sets the operating system clock to match it. (To do the same thing in Linux, see Ladislav Mecir's set-system-time-lin [...]
author: [unknown]
Catch Game
catch-game.r1.1 KB
19 May 2010
A tiny game to demonstrate the basics of VID. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Currency Rate Conversion Calculator
currency-calculator.r1.9 KB
9 Feb 2013
This example downloads and parses the current (live) US Dollar exchange rates from The user selects from a list of currencies to convert to, then performs and displays the conversion from USD to the selected currency. All of the parsing occurs when the Convert button is clicked. The first half of the [...]
author: Nick Antonaccio
CGI FTP Folder Copy
cgi-ftp-folder-copy.r655 bytes
17 Apr 2010
A CGI script to copy entire directories of files from one web server to another. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Directory Downloader
directory-downloader.r3.4 KB
29 Jun 2008
Download all files and subfolders from a given folder on a web server. Used to transfer entire folder structures via network. Currently configured for the aprelium web server (, but easily adjusted for others. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Days Between
days-between.r1.4 KB
8 Aug 2009
Compute the number of days between any two dates - super simple GUI example. From the tutorial at
author: nick
Simple Dll Examples
dll-examples.r724 bytes
29 Jun 2008
A simple example demonstrating how to use functions inside DLLs. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio