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Resizeable Table/Grid/Multi-column List Widget Example
table-grid-list.r14.3 KB
13 Jul 2011
One of the greatest things about REBOL/View is the built in GUI dialect ("VID"). It's great for building simple GUI layouts quickly and easily, but the native list widget can be confusing for newcomers. THIS EXAMPLE IS A FULL FEATURED TABLE/GRID/LIST WIDGET FOR VID GUIs. KEYS: INSERT DELETE ARROWS PAGE UP/DOWN - + [...]
author: nick
(R)EBOL (Un)it
19.1 KB
31 May 2008
RUn is a TestCase Framework wich allows the use of TestCases as defined by the eXtreme Programming development methodology and the test-driven development
author: Christophe 'REBOLtof' Coussement
Simple REBOL Text Parser
6.7 KB
9 Mar 2013
Parse text using a REBOL grammar and index values found within it.
author: Brett Handley
Parse and write XML code
12.8 KB
9 Aug 2018
Parse XML code and return a tree of block, and vice-versa.
author: Marco Antoniazzi