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84.2 KB
3 Jan 2011
SQL-PROTOCOL is a SQL Relationnal Database Management System (RDBMS) entirely written in REBOL with JOIN and SORT capability. This allow you having an easy to use lightweight database engine embeded in your REBOL application. Today, sql-protocol execute only these kind of query : * SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE ... ORDER BY ... * INSERT ... INTO ... VALUES ... * [...]
author: marco
Simple Rebol DBMS
24.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
RebolBase is a simple database managment system written entirely in Rebol. Its main feature is that it stores its data in plain, newline delimited text files. This allows the database to be accessed and modified by other programs.
author: Jamey Cribbs
1 million rows grid 3
1-million-rows-grid3.r2.2 KB
11 Mar 2017
Demo of grid data display, with lots of features (save/load, add/remove, undo, multiline edit, sort, search, key scroll, separator lines, etc.) using VID's 'list style. See the minimal examples (grids 1 and 2) to learn the basics about using the VID list widget.
author: nick
36.0 KB
26 Sep 2003
To visually examine nested objects/blocks. Examples: monitor monitor system/words monitor svv
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Open a file or directory requester
29.5 KB
16 Sep 2017
icon for file-requester.rRequests a file or directory
author: Marco Antoniazzi
CMS - web site builder
sitebuilder.cgi125.6 KB
22 Dec 2012
Easily create, edit, and arrange HTML pages on your web site. Upload existing content files or use the built-in WSYIWYG HTML editor (from to layout pages visually, without having to write any code. It works just like a word processor, except it runs directly in your browser, right on your web site. You can adjust fonts, colors, and other [...]
author: nick
3.2 KB
7 Nov 2005
Sorting a series of items. Specify how many fields per record, which field to sort on, and Ascending or Descending order.
author: Gordon Raboud with some help from Volker, DideC, Sunanda and BrianH
Sort an array of records
1.8 KB
7 Nov 2005
Sort an array where each record is separated by a 'newline' and each field in each record is separated by a comma.
author: Gordon Raboud
Run sequence encoded integer data sets
7.0 KB
21 Feb 2007
Provide an API for compacting/compressing sets of integers
author: christian
Superenalotto extractor
2.9 KB
7 Jul 2009
Simple random number generator.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
SKIMP: Simple keyword index management program
40.3 KB
3 May 2007
Simple, fast way of indexing the text content of many documents
author: Sunanda
17.3 KB
21 Apr 2016
icon for archiver.rBackup files
author: Marco Antoniazzi
List Widget Example
list-widget-example.r5.0 KB
10 Jul 2010
This examples demonstrates how to use REBOL's native GUI list widget to manage a grid of data values. Columns can be sorted by clicking the headers. Individual values at any column/row position can be edited by the user (just click the current value). Entire rows can be added, removed, or moved to/from user-selected positions. [...]
author: nick
6.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
A simple but useful address book contact database.
author: Carl Sassenrath
227.7 KB
7 Sep 2012
icon for rebolide.rA Rebol IDE for beginners that helps learning Rebol. I suggest you to put this script in a separete folder.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Sorting nested blocks
1.0 KB
6 May 2003
Sort a block of blocks on different fields.
author: Jeff Kreis
25.6 KB
19 Jul 2003
Implements a Wiki using Rebol and the Xitami webserver.
author: Andrew Martin
REBOL Mapping of all win32 API errors
193.9 KB
8 Sep 2010
[no purpose header found]
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
GUI CRUD App Builder
gui-crud-app-builder.r4.4 KB
11 Dec 2013
CRUD is an acronym for Create Read Update and Delete . Familiar types of apps such as contact managers, inventory systems, home video databases, etc., are examples of typical CRUD data storage applications. This script is a simple CRUD app maker that allows you to instantly create CRUD apps which store, retrieve, sort, etc. records [...]
author: nick
Histogram maker
9.6 KB
18 Apr 2011
To produce a histogram from a data series, to display it in a window, to save it as PNG file and/or as a data file
author: Rudolf W. Meijer
16.5 KB
2 Apr 2007
Makes a list of words from a string
author: peter
PDF Maker
51.2 KB
18 Aug 2007
A dialect to create PDF files from REBOL.
author: Gabriele Santilli
Primitive Rebol Object Browser
prob.r9.7 KB
25 Sep 2004
Make a graphical view of the probe function so that users may probe the system object without having to look it all up in the console.
author: HY
21.6 KB
17 Oct 2012
3D Library, you can use also images. Look a the end of the file to see how are made 3D model.
author: andrew hoadley
Function counter
8.6 KB
14 Feb 2012
[no purpose header found]
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch