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rebcannon.r5.2 KB
16 Dec 2012
icon for rebcannon.r[no purpose header found]
author: Massimiliano Vessi
8.0 KB
27 Apr 2006
RebelXML provides a set of functions which allows to easily create/modify/delete XML data
author: Christophe 'REBOLtof' Coussement
A keyword based search engine for the Rebtutorial articles index page
14.6 KB
14 Dec 2009
Was tired looking up visually the index page for any article containing a specific keyword. For now the script loads and parses the original articles' index page duirectly from the web site, splitting URL links apart from their descriptions, and while counting them it appends them to a block that can be searched by keyword. [...]
author: Gerard Cote
RebGUI and RebDB Sample
17.6 KB
3 Jul 2007
A quick demonstration of RebGUI with RebDB
author: Brian Tiffin
RebGUI Card File
rebgui-card-file.r2.0 KB
10 Apr 2010
This is an implementation of the Card File program at using RebGUI instead of VID. Notice that the GUI is resizable, the text fields have undo/redo and spellcheck capabilities, requestors are modal, and all the other features of RebGUI are available. Taken from [...]
author: nick
2.7 KB
1 Jan 2005
The world's smallest spreadsheet program, but very powerful.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Rebol Help
rebol-help.r1.7 KB
5 Feb 2017
Provides help for all functions, various elements of VID (GUI system), key codes, colors, built in images, etc. which are the source of common questions by Rebol users.
author: nick
Space Game
262.4 KB
13 Oct 2005
A space shooting game. Objective: Using your cannon, destroy meteors to avoid colliding with them and earn points Controls (keyboard): To shoot, press SPACE key. To rotate your cannon and aim, use the RIGHT and LEFT keys
author: Ayrris Aunario
Style Scrollable scroll-pane & table avec gestion de la roullette
24.2 KB
4 Oct 2005
Essai de gestion des scrolls & de tables
author: Claude RAMIER
Superenalotto extractor
2.9 KB
7 Jul 2009
Simple random number generator.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Scrolling Fields
9.5 KB
27 Mar 2006
This script illustrates the use of fields and a scroller to display data. Similar to a text-list, scrolling fields provides greater control over the presentation of data.
author: R.v.d.Zee
CMS - web site builder
sitebuilder.cgi125.6 KB
22 Dec 2012
Easily create, edit, and arrange HTML pages on your web site. Upload existing content files or use the built-in WSYIWYG HTML editor (from to layout pages visually, without having to write any code. It works just like a word processor, except it runs directly in your browser, right on your web site. You can adjust fonts, colors, and other [...]
author: nick
Scrolling layout demo
scrollinglayout.r22.7 KB
7 Feb 2013
This is a demo of making a sub-layout, on a main window, that is too big for the main window and can be scrolled. It was adapted from the REBOL cookbook and heavily annotated as an aid in learning how the scroller works.
author: Steven White with help from Carl and MaxV
SDL library interface
131.3 KB
23 Sep 2012
Code to bind SDL shared library to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple File Sharer
share-files.r1.8 KB
27 Jan 2014
I use it to send lists of files to clients' phones, PCs, or any other Internet device they may use. I text or email them the single short personal html file link created by the script, and they click the contained file links to download all their files. It's a stupid simple script and setup which requires only a single unstructured [...]
author: nick
Simple Slideshow Presentation Framework
slideshow-presentation.r4.6 KB
22 Jan 2013
This example is taken from the tutorial at: It demonstrates a simple framework for presenting full screen GUI layouts with built-in keyboard and mouse controls. It simplifies coding tediously repetitive layout elements, by only requiring unique GUI elements in each slide. Widgets [...]
author: nick
Simple Virtual Shrink
shrink.r12.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
This script is a virtual shrink chatter bot . It was obviously inspired by the original shrink bot called Eliza. When the program gets a sentence in English, it tries to find a matching rule in its rule database and if it understands the sentence it tries to give a reasonable reply. (Type quit to quit)
author: Martin Johannesson
40.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
site-build basicaly builds/updates a website based on the template I have developed. Requires html 4.0 compliant browser (opera 5 or IE 5).
author: Rishi Oswal
Skype Wrapper
2.2 KB
23 May 2006
make a cheap phone call!
author: Graham Chiu
slidery.r23.5 KB
29 Dec 2013
See the help-text below. An MS Windows .exe. is available at
author: nick
slim-link - steel library module linker
7.6 KB
1 Aug 2004
link apps which have references to slim libs inside
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
Small Mail Sender by Freakzen-LX
4.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
small mail client with timer and logging function
author: Freakzen-LX
Small Rebol 1.0
440.9 KB
28 Dec 2008
a tool for Rebol newbies including MDI editor and Launch function
author: François Jouen
Rebol TCP Ping
16.2 KB
5 Jul 2006
Ping version using TCP
author: François Jouen
Test de %style-scrollable.r
test-style-scrollable.r4.3 KB
13 Dec 2004
Essai de gestion des scrolls & de tables
author: Claude RAMIER