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18.2 KB
29 Aug 2012
A nice logical puzzle game.
author: arnold van hofwegen
Musical Chord Spellings
musical-chord-spellings.r1.3 KB
12 Dec 2013
Prints out the notes that comprise many common types of chords, with all 12 root note variations. Sharps are used to label all accidental notes (no flat notes).
author: nick
Native Mac OS X requestors
mac-requestors.r4.8 KB
28 Jun 2009
A set of eight Mac OS X native requestors that approximate and extend the functionality of the REBOL request* functions.
author: Ashley G Truter
MDP-GUI Package
1.1 KB
30 Mar 2005
Graphical interface for make-doc-pro 1.0.8 allowing easy doc making/viewing
author: Alphé SALAS-SCHUMANN (ShadWolf)
AIOE Newsgroup Test
13.3 KB
8 Mar 2008
- an application of NNTP protocol - and an introduction
author: R.v.d.Zee
REBOL news Protocol $Revision: 1.8 $
20.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
Read and post news articles
author: Jeff Kreis
Named functions
named-func.r1.4 KB
10 Oct 2012
Numerous requests were made by REBOL beginners wanting to get an easy recipe, how to use named functions in REBOL. They usually get an answer that in REBOL, user-defined functions are anonymous, i.e., they do not have a name. Only after they are defined, they can be assigned to one or more variables. While such functions are named after [...]
author: Ladislav Mecir
National Geographic Image of the Day Downloader
12.3 KB
11 Sep 2007
Downloads all the Picture Of The Day images (current and past) from the National Geographic website and saves it to a location of your choice. Revisions: Version 1.2.5 Checked to see if the large wallpaper exists and if not to use the smaller wall paper image. Version 1.2.4 Changed from Viewing the POTD to Browsing the POTD which then allows the user to go back [...]
author: Gordon Raboud
National Instruments Rebol Wrapper
180.9 KB
19 Sep 2008
A wrapper allowing to use National Instrument DAQmx base library with Rebol
author: Francois Jouen (ldci)
National Instruments Rebol Wrapper
176.8 KB
25 Feb 2013
A wrapper allowing to use National Instrument DAQmx base (3.6) library with Rebol
author: Francois Jouen (ldci)
NeHe Lesson 5 SDL
10.7 KB
23 Sep 2012
Example use of %opengl-glu-glut-h.r and %sdl-h.r
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Nim engine
12.7 KB
19 Jul 2005
Calculate the best move in a game of NIM
author: Sunanda
REBOL Blogger
39.0 KB
11 Jul 2007
The blog system written and used by Carl Sassenrath, REBOL's creator. This script will let you post and update blogs on your website using just a web browser. Generates summary and index pages, blog searches, etc. Extensible with Makedoc2 for more formatting options.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Rebol OCR
5.8 KB
16 Nov 2009
use free tesseract OCR with rebol The Tesseract OCR engine was one of the top 3 engines in the 1995 UNLV Accuracy test. Between 1995 and 2006 it had little work done on it, but it is probably one of the most accurate open source OCR engines available. The source code will read a binary, grey or color image and output text. A tiff [...]
author: François Jouen
Text-Lists With One Row Hi-lite
6.8 KB
23 Jun 2006
The script was written to illustrate how a single hi-lite bar can be used with a group of text-lists. The single bar is used instead of the in-built hi-lite of the text-list style. In a group of the default text-lists, all occurrences of identical data are hi-lighted if any one of them is picked - and so no uniform hi-lite bar can be presented. The iter co-ordinates [...]
author: R.v.d.Zee
OpenGL library interface
125.5 KB
25 Apr 2013
Code to bind OpenGL, GLU, GLUT shared libraries to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
obfuscation.r1.1 KB
1 Sep 2009
[no purpose header found]
author: nick
libpango library interface
171.7 KB
9 Jun 2019
Code to bind pango and pango-cairo shared libraries to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
REBOL Parse Rule Parser
12.5 KB
9 Mar 2013
Parse REBOL Parse Rules.
author: Brett Handley
Rebol Ping
15.8 KB
5 Jul 2006
Basic ping version using call
author: François Jouen
2.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
The world's smallest paint program.
author: Frank Sievertsen
6.0 KB
17 Nov 2005
The world's smallest paint program.
author: Frank Sievertsen
Parse Aid
15.1 KB
27 Oct 2013
icon for parse-aid.rHelp make and test parse rules
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Parse Analysis Toolset /View
31.7 KB
24 May 2013
Some REBOL/View tools to help learn/analyse parse rules.
author: Brett Handley
Parse ini file
2.2 KB
15 Apr 2009
Parses a Window's ini file. Also a function to find entries in a parsed ini file
author: Sunanda