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Web Server Management Tool
web-tool.cgi19.2 KB
4 Oct 2009
A CGI script to manage your web server. List directory contents, upload, download, edit, and search for files, execute OS commands (chmod, ls, mv, cp, etc. - any command available on your web server's operating system), and run REBOL commands directly on your server. Edited files are automatically backed up into an edit_history folder [...]
author: [unknown]
CGI Emailer Form (HTML Part)
1.7 KB
13 Mar 2003
HTML form to go with CGI Emailer example (cgiemailer.r).
author: [unknown]
Easy CGI Form (HTML Part)
1.4 KB
13 Mar 2003
HTML form to go with Easy CGI example (cgiform.r).
author: Anonymous
better-than-nothing sqlite3 handler
5.7 KB
30 Jan 2006
easy access to sqlite3 database without /Pro or /Command features
author: Piotr Gapinski
Rebol CGI library
cgi.r6.8 KB
4 Mar 2004
Provide everything needed to create a CGI script
author: Cal Dixon
Currency Rate Conversion Calculator
currency-calculator.r1.9 KB
9 Feb 2013
This example downloads and parses the current (live) US Dollar exchange rates from The user selects from a list of currencies to convert to, then performs and displays the conversion from USD to the selected currency. All of the parsing occurs when the Convert button is clicked. The first half of the [...]
author: Nick Antonaccio
CSS Sprite creator
css-sprite.r1.2 KB
20 Feb 2011
[no purpose header found]
CGI FTP Folder Copy
cgi-ftp-folder-copy.r655 bytes
17 Apr 2010
A CGI script to copy entire directories of files from one web server to another. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
CGI with FORM with refilled data
4.9 KB
28 Aug 2012
Example of how a webform could be processed by a REBOL script, refilling previously filled fields when errors in input are detected. For performance it is always better to have some validation (using e.g. Javascript) on the client side first, but for safety the check also needs to be (re)done at the server side.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Mapserver client: Demo map
38.0 KB
13 Mar 2006
Simple Mapserver ( client.
author: Janeks Kamerovskis
File Download CGI
file-download-cgi.r1.5 KB
10 Aug 2010
Push file download from web server to browser.
author: nick
REBOL/flash Build Tool
flash-build.r1.6 KB
8 Apr 2010
A simple script to help new users experiment with editing, compiling and viewing .swf files created with REBOL/flash. It uses the built-in REBOL text editor to repeatedly run through the edit/compile/run process, so that code changes can be made quickly and easily, and the compiled results viewed immediately in the browser. [...]
author: nick
Guitar Chords
guitar-chords.r22.2 KB
9 Dec 2009
Create and print instant guitar chord diagram charts for songs. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
GeoRSS converter
georss.r24.5 KB
7 Oct 2009
Converts GeoRSS xml to GPX/KML/OziExplorer formats
author: pijoter
Insult Generator
insult.r4.3 KB
31 Aug 2012
Teaching some young children to program. They loved this one. Be sure to see the tutorial at
author: nick
IP Addresses
2.9 KB
8 Dec 2006
How to know local and wan addresses with Rebol
author: François Jouen
pos.r12.6 KB
14 Mar 2010
This is a point of sale system (sales checkout, receipt printer, and data storage system) written using RebGUI. It may help provide some basic insight into the workings of RebGUI. Actually, the majority of this code manages user workflow - saving/retrieving receipts. The RebGUI parts are simple and short. Note that the username [...]
author: nick
Remove Unwanted Emails CGI
remove-emails-cgi.r1.0 KB
10 Aug 2010
Remove any emails from your POP account which contain specified snippets of text.
author: nick
4.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Site dialect. Creates web sites from plain text, etc. I use it to create my own site automatically.
author: Andrew Martin
A Tiny Web Server
tiny-server.r2.0 KB
26 Mar 2013
Inspired by Carl's Tiny Web Server: This one is compatible with Rebol 3.
author: [unknown]