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Menu style example
2.1 KB
30 Oct 2010
A quick way to add a simple menu to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi directly derived from Nick Antonaccio
SDL library interface
131.3 KB
23 Sep 2012
Code to bind SDL shared library to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Search Center
3.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Searches various places,such as Google, without having to go to their website .
author: Kevin Adams
Search Center
3.5 KB
13 Mar 2003
Uses various resources for various searches without having to go to their website.
author: Kevin Adams
Simple accordion style
2.0 KB
23 Aug 2018
Create accordions, using a simple but versatile function.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple launcher
956 bytes
2 Jun 2011
A simple gui to launch a REBOL script.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple Menu
simple-menu.r1.2 KB
29 Jun 2008
A quick and dirty way to create menus in your GUI. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Simple Search
simple-search.r2.7 KB
17 May 2009
Searches though all files in all subdirectories to find given text in each file. Taken from the tutorial at (a website CGI version of the script is also given in the tutorial).
author: nick
Simple Slideshow Presentation Framework
slideshow-presentation.r4.6 KB
22 Jan 2013
This example is taken from the tutorial at: It demonstrates a simple framework for presenting full screen GUI layouts with built-in keyboard and mouse controls. It simplifies coding tediously repetitive layout elements, by only requiring unique GUI elements in each slide. Widgets [...]
author: nick
Star Wars reminiscent intro
swintro.r2.4 KB
30 Jun 2005
To demonstrate AGG and 3D-type calculations using Rebol
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
Simplified VID resizing
12.0 KB
23 May 2020
Helps create resizing VID guis
author: Marco Antoniazzi
3D-Surface Plot
24.5 KB
10 Aug 2007
Draw a surface with 3-D Perspective and allow roation
author: [unknown]
40.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
site-build basicaly builds/updates a website based on the template I have developed. Requires html 4.0 compliant browser (opera 5 or IE 5).
author: Rishi Oswal
another slider
5.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Adds vertical slider to any face
author: oldes
Ski Game
ski-game.r4.4 KB
23 Jul 2009
A little graphic game. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
slidery.r23.5 KB
29 Dec 2013
See the help-text below. An MS Windows .exe. is available at
author: nick
Small Rebol 1.0
440.9 KB
28 Dec 2008
a tool for Rebol newbies including MDI editor and Launch function
author: François Jouen
6.0 KB
22 Aug 2006
Send freely paramterized UDP packages, save and load your presets, choose targets from history.
author: Varga Árpád
Snake Game
snake-game.r2.1 KB
21 Aug 2009
A little graphic game. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Pop-down style example
8.8 KB
17 Oct 2020
A quick way to add a simple pop-down to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi