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 [1/10] from: apwing:zonnet:nl at: 21-May-2004 14:03

Hi all, since I am creating a REBOL program with a GUI, I needed to implement a menu structure. I've read "REBOL/View Developer's Guide" and "A Beginner's Guide to REBOL Visual Interfaces", but neither of them has the required info. Any hints where to look? TIA. Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards, Arie van Wingerden

 [2/10] from: carl:cybercraft at: 22-May-2004 0:50

>Hi all, > >since I am creating a REBOL program with a GUI, I needed to implement a menu >structure. > >I've read "REBOL/View Developer's Guide" and "A Beginner's Guide to REBOL >Visual Interfaces", but neither of them has the required info. > >Any hints where to look?
You can use choice for simple menus... view layout [choice "aa" "bb" "cc" [probe face/text]] Something I noticed recently though was the choose function...
>> ? choose
USAGE: CHOOSE choices function /style styl /window winf /offset xy /across DESCRIPTION: Generates a choice selector menu, vertical or horizontal. CHOOSE is a function value. ARGUMENTS: choices -- Block of items to display (Type: block) function -- Function to call on selection (Type: function none) REFINEMENTS: /style styl -- The style choice button (Type: object) /window winf -- The parent window to appear in (Type: object) /offset xy -- Offset of choice box (Type: pair) /across -- Use horizontal layout This is the most simple use of it... choose ["aa" "bb" "cc"] func [face][probe face/text] How you'd make use of it for more complex menus within a window I've not looked into though. -- Carl Read

 [3/10] from: antonr:lexicon at: 22-May-2004 1:26

A long while ago, DocKimbel implemented a menu system in his win95 skin. Open up your View 1.2.1 interpreter and do this code in the console: dir: first split-path path-thru make-dir/deep dir change-dir dir do load-thru There are problems with newer View betas and this older code, though, so there's going to be some hacking required. I noticed that the good Doc patched 'layout to add his own refinement, so that is an obvious place to look first. Anton.

 [4/10] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 21-May-2004 15:30

Hi Arie, AvW> since I am creating a REBOL program with a GUI, I needed to implement a menu AvW> structure. In addition to DocKimbel's work, I believe Frank Sievertsen did a menu style (look for the FX5 folder in the View Desktop). The most recent, and perhaps most complete, is Cyphre's terrific work, but I'm not sure what he has publicly released for use at this point. Hopefully he'll chime in here and let us know. -- Gregg

 [5/10] from: cyphre:seznam:cz at: 21-May-2004 23:35

Hi, I did bar menu and context menu style (the screnshot is from a bit older older version) If you are interested let me know privately so I'll send you the latest version. Regards, Cyphre

 [6/10] from: cyphre:seznam:cz at: 22-May-2004 0:12

Hi Gregg, just read your post(few minutes I sent mine one) ;-) For those who don't read Rebol-View AltME world, here is my announce which I decided to post also here on this great Mailing List: Hello you could noticed I'm currently not much active on the View1.3 project as I would like to be(too busy with my job and also in my private live...). Therefore I decided to free" all the prototype code I did on IOS DEVELOPER server for View1.3 developing purposes. If you are one of the lucky men who have currently enough time and want to actively participate on the styles developement and feel my older works could be useful or speed up the style developement feel free to review/bugfix/enhance/recycle/reuse(or whatever) my work. If there is anyone who has no access on the IOS server and want to work on the styles just contact me privately so I can send him the current scripts. I know my code is not much commented so if anyone have any questions or need help regarding my code I'll try to answer as much I can do. I believe I get back to the VID1.3 project soon(or at least to the finishing part of the project) and try to be usefull." I'd like to add that If anoyne is interested to just use(and test) my prototype styles feel free to contact me and I'll send latest style package. I hope I'll open a website for those style package soon so I could track automatically all the downloads and collect your bugreports/ideas/opinions/improvements etc. Maybe this could help make the styles better and more robust and finally make them as version 1.0 ;) But before I put my efforts to do this I'd like to know if anyone is interested in this form of cooperation with ML comunity. (so far only few people contacted me asking to send my styles so I'm not sure if it make sense to public my still incomplete work) so what do you think? Regards, Cyphre

 [7/10] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 21-May-2004 16:58

Hi Cyphre, C> I'd like to add that If anoyne is interested to just use(and test) my C> prototype styles feel free to contact me and I'll send latest style C> package... C> But before I put my efforts to do this I'd like to know if anyone is C> interested... Maybe you could hook up with Sunanda and/or Max to talk about making it available as a package for It could also be set up as individual scripts with multiple owners, but the package approach might work better in this case. To all: I think Cyphre's work would be a terrific resource to have available, supported, and improved, but I don't want to ask him to put too much effort into it if others aren't willing to help as well. The tag team has shown that a few dedicated people can make a big difference in a short amount of time (almost 2,000 edits so far, by the three main taggers!). Even if it only focused on the menu styles to begin with, this project could be a big benefit to many people. This seems like a great way to join the REBOLution. Even if you're relatively new to REBOL, testing and evaluation are important contributions you can make. Go REBOL! :) -- Gregg

 [8/10] from: apwing:zonnet:nl at: 22-May-2004 14:11

Hi all, in the first place many thanks to Carl, Anton, Gregg and Cyphre for the appropriate comments! Cyphre I am indeed impressed by the jpg picture. As Gregg says it's importantthat people help each other. Given my (small) project and the fact that I am quite new to VID as well, I am still willing to test / try out somecode as far (just as far as my capacities go, of course!) So, please do send me the code in private and please let me know what I need to know for a start ;-) Thanks again! Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards, Arie van Wingerden[1] Cyphre wrote: Hi, I did bar menu and context menu style[2] (the screnshot is from a bit older older version) If you are interested let me know privately so I'll send you the latest version. Regards, Cyphre ----- Original Message ----- From: "Arie van Wingerden" <[apwing--zonnet--nl]>[3] To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]>[4] Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 2:03 PM Subject: [REBOL] [VID//menu] Hi all, since I am creating a REBOL program with a GUI, I needed to implement a menu structure. I've read "REBOL/View Developer's Guide" and "A Beginner's Guide to REBOL Visual Interfaces", but neither of them has the required info. Any hints where to look? TIA. Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards, Arie van Wingerden[5] -- To unsubscribe from this list, just send an email to [rebol-request--rebol--com][6] with unsubscribe as the subject. --- Links --- 1 2 3 mailto:[apwing--zonnet--nl] 4 mailto:[rebol-list--rebol--com] 5 6 mailto:[rebol-request--rebol--com]

 [9/10] from: antonr:lexicon at: 23-May-2004 1:29

Cyphre, I think it's great idea to make the code public. It's easy to slap together a web page with your code. It's not easy to make a online forum :) But if it's online, search bots will index it and we will have a great service. It doesn't matter if the code is not complete. Surely there are great parts of the code which work well and little known discoveries in there which would be of great benefit. My message to all rebols hoarding their code: publish, even if incomplete . Even if you started a program, but only had time to write down five minutes of your thoughts for the implementation, that's useful for other people. It's useful to know simply that someone else had an interest, who that person was, and when they were thinking about it. The above goes for me too, I'm just resisting publishing some of my recent code because it makes for a good incentive to finish my rebsite synchronizer... which I've been banging away on recently. Anton.

 [10/10] from: info:id-net:ch at: 2-Jun-2004 1:20

While the Cyphre 's code is not released, I publish here the result of an old effort to have a cascaded menu style. There's still some bugs, specially sometimes when a cascaded menu pane is displayed and a clik is made on a menu header. I appreciate any help to finish the job, because I cant' find the problem... Philippe Oehler REBOL [ title: "View Menu" authors: "Frank Sievertsen (version 1.0.0) & Philippe Oehler (v.2.0.0)" date:22-5-04/14:39 version: 2.0.0 purpose: "Adds a grafical menu to a window or a face + Cascaded-menu" ] ;/*****************************************/ Needed to run the script well, with new version of View flag-face?: func [ "Checks a flag in a VID face." face [object!] 'flag ][all [in face 'flags face/flags find face/flags flag]] ;/*****************************************/ ao2: :print ; a function, that I actually activates/deactivates, to be simple, here : ao2: : print ;/*****************************************/head of the object! CONTEXT [ ;/*****************************************/ ; LOCAL PARSE - VARS t1: t2: none name: none out-block: none out-face: none SUB-out-face: none ;SUB-out-block: COPY [] offset: 0x0 direction: 0x1 menu: none degree-from-top-face: "" ;/*****************************************/ ;[STYLIZE];/*****************************************/; MENU-I-STYLES: stylize [ ;[STYLE : MENU-ITEM];/*****************************************/; menu-item: txt bold font-name "verdana" black "" font-size 10 with [ pane-size: 900x900 colors: reduce [[gradient 1x1 167.163.179 167.163.179] none];colors: reduce [167.163.179 none] Append init [state: no] state: no menu-description: none ;its text' block menu-action: none ;its behavior title-of-submenu?: none menu-number: 0 parent-name: "" path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu: "" ; to be a private data, shared into different funcs init: [ size: 900x900 size: (size-text self) + para/origin + para/margin ] para: make para [ margin: origin: 4x2 ] ] feel [ redraw: func [face][ face/color: pick face/colors face/state ] over: func [face action event][ face/state: action show face ] engage: func [face action event][ switch action [ down [ ;ao2 "normal action of the basic style" ;ao2 "CALL unview-menu" unview-menu ;effacement du menu d=E9roul=E9 face/menu-action face ;call the menu' menu-action with its argument face IF face/menu-description [ ;if there's something in the block's menu-descritption. unview-menu ;time 1 : unview of the menu displayed view-menu face ;time 2 : 'redraw' ] ] away [ over face no event ;calling of the function 'over with false (no) as 2nd argument ] over [ over face yes event ;calling of the function 'over with true (yes) as 2nd argument ] ] ] ] ;/*****************************************/ end of MENU-ITEM ] ;/*****************************************/; ;[/STYLIZE] ;/*****************************************/; Menu-Functions Unview-menu: func [][ ao2 "ENTR UNVIEW-MENU" IF menu [ ;ao2 "Menu activated!" remove find menu/parent-face/pane menu show menu/parent-face menu: none ] IF error? try [ IF Cascaded-menu [ ;ao2 "mark 161" unview-Cascaded-menu Cascaded-menu: none ] ][] ] ;/*****************************************/ Unview-Cascaded-menu: func [/only][ ;ao2 "ENTR Unview-Cascaded-menu" nb-Cascaded-menu: 0 IF Cascaded-menu [ ;AO2 "Cascaded-menu activated!!!" remove find Path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu Cascaded-menu show Path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu Cascaded-menu: none ] IF Not only [ IF menu [ ;ao2 "CALL unview-Cascaded-menu" unview-menu menu: none ] ] ;ao2 "DONE Unview-Cascaded-menu" ] ;/*****************************************/ view-Cascaded-menu: func [ bk /minimize ][ ao2 "ENTR view-Cascaded-menu" len-bk: length? bk offs: sub-offset ;private variable of the object! either global-affichage-old-school [ path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu: system/view/screen-face/pane/1/pane/8/pane/pane ] [ path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu: ystem/view/screen-face/pane/1/pane ] Append path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu Cascaded-menu: make system/words/face [ dirty?: yes flags: [on-unfocus] ] Cascaded-menu/edge: make Cascaded-menu/edge [ effect: 'bevel color: 200.200.200 size: 2x1 ] Cascaded-menu/color: 212.212.212 ;Cascaded-menu/effect: [ merge gradmul 1x1 212.212.212 212.212.212]; 120.255.195 Cascaded-menu/pane: copy [] EITHER Not minimize [ size-x: 0 forEach item bk [ ;calcul de la longueur maximale du sous-menu size-text-x: (my-size-text item/text) + 8x0 size-x: max size-x (size-text-x/x) ] ][ size-x: 0 ] o: 0x0 forEach item bk [ item/colors: reduce [[gradient 1x1 167.163.179 167.163.179] none] item/offset/y: o/y item/size: To-pair (join size-x "x18") item/feel/redraw: func [face][ face/effect: pick face/colors face/state ] item/feel/over: func [face action event][ EITHER all [(face/parent-name = "")(Not face/title-of-submenu?) ] [ unview-Cascaded-menu/only isCascaded-menu-visible?: false unfocus system/view/focal-face: menu ][ view-Cascaded-menu-procedure ] face/state: action ; true or false show face ] Append Cascaded-menu/pane item o/y: o/y + 18 ] Cascaded-menu/offset: offs Cascaded-menu/size/y: 18 * len-bk Cascaded-menu/size/x: size-x ;alert faceOne/parent-face/text show path-from-system-for-Cascaded-Menu ; Those line is important !! the path depends on where is the menu related the system path unfocus ;system/view/focal-face: Cascaded-menu ; I remove this line, producing the right action of items that are Not in a Cascaded-menu ;/*****************************************/; Cascaded-menu/action: func [face value][ unview-Cascaded-menu ] ;/*****************************************/; ao2 "DONE view-Cascaded-menu" ] ; not necessary, those function doesn't the right job. If someone can make this function right. ;/*****************************************/; Set-degree-from-top-face: func [face /local i][ the-path: face/parent-face ;print mold "lll" ;print mold face/var i: 1 if not none? the-path [ i: 2 the-path: face/parent-face/parent-face if not none? the-path [ i: 3 the-path: face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face if not none? the-path [ i: 4 the-path: face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face if not none? the-path [ i: 5 the-path: face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face if not none? the-path [ i: 6 the-path: face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face ] ] ] ] ] return i ] isCascaded-menu-visible?: false ;/*****************************************/; view-Cascaded-menu-procedure: does [ IF Not isCascaded-menu-visible? [view-Cascaded-menu Cascaded-menu-block isCascaded-menu-visible?: true] ] Cascaded-menu-block: copy [] sub-offset: 0x0 ;/*****************************************/; View-menu: func [face /local tmp][ ao2 "ENTR view-menu" ;the object 'menu is added to the system' words ;ao2 mold face/parent-face/parent-face/pane Set-degree-from-top-face face; call of this function, but it doesn't work yet ; The next 2 lines are specific to the place where the menu is placed related to the system root MyPath-pane: face/parent-face/parent-face/pane ;MyPath-pane: face/parent-face/pane MyPath: face/parent-face/parent-face ;MyPath: face/parent-face clear Cascaded-menu-block Append face/parent-face/parent-face/pane menu: make system/words/face [ ;append the menu to the main pane (layout) where is the menu dirty?: yes flags: [on-unfocus] ] menu/edge: make menu/edge [ effect: 'bevel color: 200.200.200 size: 2x1] menu/offset: face/offset + 0x18 + face/parent-face/offset menu/color: none menu/effect: [ gradient 1x1 212.212.212 212.212.212 ;;;;;6-merge gradmul 0x8 97.99.135 97.99.135; 120.255.195 ;merge gradmul 0x1 115.115.195 120.120.195 ;multiply 85.85.85 ;merge gradcol 0x1 250.250.250 250.250.250 ] build-menu/below menu face/menu-description ; actually the parsing of the dialect is called menu/size: 1x1 menu/size/x: face/size/x has-OneCascade-InPane?: false offs: 1x1 IF menu/pane/1 [une-hauteur: menu/pane/1/size/y] menu-pane-temp: copy menu/pane ; variable temp is used to remove find menu/pane item because it's hard to make it in the foreach loop forEach item menu-pane-temp [ SUB?: false IF error? try [ IF item/user-data <> none [SUB?: has-OneCascade-InPane?: true] ][] EITHER SUB? = FALSE [ ;normal case menu/size: max menu/size item/offset + item/size item/size/x: menu/size/x offs/x: menu/offset/x + item/size/x + 2 IF face/title-of-submenu? [ ;ao2 ["title-of-submenu?" face/text ] ] ][ Append/only Cascaded-menu-block item ;ao2 menu/offset/x offs/y: menu/offset/y + item/size/y ; ao2 ["--->" length? menu/pane] remove find menu/pane item ; ao2 ["--->" length? menu/pane] ] ] ;IF face/title-of-submenu? [ao2 face/text ] menu/size: menu/size + 2x2 show myPath unfocus system/view/focal-face: menu menu/action: func [face value][ unview-menu ao2 "2-unview" ] print has-OneCascade-InPane? IF has-OneCascade-InPane? [ offs/y: offs/y - une-hauteur sub-offset: offs ;;;;6-view-Cascaded-menu/minimize Cascaded-menu-block ; args 1 : la face (le sous-sous-menu) ; arg 2 : l'offset view-Cascaded-menu Cascaded-menu-block ; args 1 : la face (le sous-sous-menu) ; arg 2 : l'offset ] ] ;/*****************************************/; Build-menu: func [face [object!] descr [block!] /below "without 'below, the menu's elements are horizontal"][ face/pane: out-block: copy [] direction: EITHER below [0x1][1x0] IF Not parse Compose descr [menu-data][ ;make error! "menu-parse error" ] ] ;/*****************************************/; ;=============== ; PARSE - RULES menu-data: [ (offset: 0x0) any menu-item ] menu-counter: 0 ; Second rule of parsing menu-item: [ set name string! ;used for titles of menu + its elements but not for cascaded menu's elements (out-face: make menu-i-styles/menu-item []) ;out-face become a style element, then some specifities will be append (out-face/text: copy name) ;out-face/text will be titles of the menu (out-face/offset: offset) ; its offset any menu-options ; second block of parsing rules (cf. below) (do out-face/init) ;call of the init function of the style (offset: out-face/size * direction + offset) ; the offset is *saved* to later use (Append out-block out-face) ; all infos (style + new infos) are added to a larger block | ; or, reading of the splitting and graphic creation of the splitting line '--- ( Append out-block t1: make face [ size: 10x3 edge: make edge [ effect: 'ibevel size: 1x1 color: none color: 200.200.200 ] ] t1/offset: offset offset: t1/size * direction + offset ) ] reference-menu-name: "" ; begin with the name, then either it's a SUB, or a block menu-options: [ 'SUB set t1 block! ( menu-counter: menu-counter + 1 out-face/menu-description: t1 out-face/font/color: 72.132.167 out-face/menu-number: menu-counter ;ao2 out-face/menu-number ) | set t1 block! ( out-face/menu-action: func [face] t1 ) | 'SUB-SUB set t2 block! (GLOBAL-existence-de-Cascaded-menu?: true) (out-face/title-of-submenu?: true) ;it works (reference-menu-name: out-face/text) ;(out-face/menu-number: menu-counter) ;;;;;6-(ao2 out-face/menu-number) (parse t2 menu-SUB-options) ;when it encounters SUB-SUB then block parsing du block that follows ] ; what is after the | is something that I added (Philippe) ; Rules for sub-options menu-SUB-options: [ any [ set SUB-name string! ; the Name of SubMenu is set (SUB-out-face: make menu-i-styles/menu-item []) ; sub-out-face become a menu-item and has its style now (SUB-out-face/text: copy SUB-name) ; get-copy of the sub-name (sub-out-face/parent-name: reference-menu-name) (SUB-out-face/effect: menu/effect) ; get the main effect set t2 block! ; le block ( SUB-out-face/menu-description: t2 SUB-out-face/menu-action: func [face] t2 SUB-out-face/user-data: true ; if <> none then the face will be a Cascaded-menu ) (do SUB-out-face/init) (Append out-block SUB-out-face);out-block is actually a face/pane! (a kind of pointeur) ] ] ;/*****************************************/; system/words/menu-styles: stylize [ menu: box 1x1 with [ Append init: init [ size: 1x1 build-menu self second :action ] words: [ SUB [ ;ao2 "SUB" ] SUB-SUB [] ] ] feel [ engage: none redraw: func [face][ face/offset: -1x-1 face/size: face/parent-face/size + 10x1 face/size/y: 19 ; starting menu height ] ] edge [effect: 'bevel size: 1x1 color: 200.200.200] ] ] ;[END OF CONTEXT] ; EXAMPLE : ;win: compose [ backdrop 212.212.212 origin 0x4 styles menu-styles] myMenu: Compose/deep [ menu [ "File |" sub [ "Save As" [save-as] --- ] "Edit |" sub [ "Delete -->" sub-sub [ "Word" [delete-word] ("Line" [delete-line] ] --- "Cut" [] "Copy" [] "Paste" [] --- ] ] ] Append win Compose [Menu2: (myMenu)]