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Some Questions about Rebol/IOS

 [1/6] from: r::barone::uncem::net at: 13-Apr-2005 14:45

Hi there, i'm new in Rebol/IOS and, for now, i've only tree questions... 1)How to use the Insert-notify func. 2)How to enter in Alt-me Rebol3. 3)What's the mean of THAT HURST message in the connection info bar. Best Regards Riccardo

 [2/6] from: SunandaDH::aol::com at: 13-Apr-2005 19:30

> 2)How to enter in Alt-me Rebol3.
Explained here: (see fri 18-mar-2005) Though it doesn't tell you to download the Altme client from Sorry -- can't help with the other two questions. Sunanda

 [3/6] from: r::barone::uncem::net at: 14-Apr-2005 10:36

Thank you Susanda, may be I'll find the answers of the other two questions in the AltME rebol world. Riccardo

 [4/6] from: antonr::lexicon::net at: 15-Apr-2005 1:00

Hi Riccardo, 1) I haven't done much IOS programming, but I've looked at the insert-notify function. I am not sure which IOS server you are connecting to, but if I connect to "Developer", I can click on Applications, then right-click and Edit the Conference app. Conference's code has four examples of the INSERT-NOTIFY function. At the moment I am not aware of the docs specifying the known event types and data "specifiers" that you can ask for. Someone else here might have a list of the known ones. You could recurse your IOS directory searching for files containing "insert-notify" and see all the used ones. Oh yes, you can also open Link's console (in Utilities/Console) then type: ?? insert-notify to see the (very short) source code, to have a better idea what it does. (...or maybe not ;) 3) I have no idea what you mean. I've never seen "THAT HURST". Can you supply a screenshot ? What server are you connecting to ? Anton.

 [5/6] from: volker::nitsch::gmail::com at: 14-Apr-2005 18:51

Its "that hurts". in the little right-bottom status-field. the typical error-message. you have send the server something in the wrong format usually. or it has an error in its registry or something like this. about insert-notify: Steve (efishant) has a demo in his second nanosheet-article: 5. Extending Nano-Sheets with Multi User Collaboration and Interacting with Other Programs (the first nanosheet-article is here: ) On 4/14/05, Anton Rolls <[antonr--lexicon--net]> wrote:
> Hi Riccardo, > 1) I haven't done much IOS programming, but I've looked at the
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 [6/6] from: robert::muench::robertmuench::de at: 15-Apr-2005 9:43

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:45:14 +0200, Riccardo Barone <[r--barone--uncem--net]> wrote:
> 1)How to use the Insert-notify func.
Hi, here is a short snippet of my internal IOS docs. ---INSERT-NOTIFY INSERT-NOTIFY type sub-type afunc /data user-data /wakeup insert-notify/wakeup 'get none func [event data] [ callback data ] *Adds a callback function to the IOS system *All added notifiers are numbered internally. *type specifies the event for which the callback should be triggered (example: 'get) *subtype lets you further specify for which 'gets you want to be informed like: 'file-reg etc. otherwise you will be notifeid for any 'get anwser from the server. -- Robert M. M=FCnch Management & IT Freelancer Mobile: +49 (177) 245 2802

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