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Requests to the UltraEdit team (Warning, HTML post because colors are needed)

 [1/1] from: gchillemi::aliceposta::it at: 4-Jan-2008 19:55

Here is a list of enanchements request sent to UltraEdit for supporting Rebol. --- START REQUEST --- Strings: (This is a top priority request) Rebol has 2 kind of string delimiters Double apex " and braces {} Double apex are the same as other languges. Braces are for strings and multiline strings. These stings start with an opening brace { they end with a closing brace }. You can have braces inside braces rebol will maintain a count of opening and closing braces. {mytext " mytext } is a string where double apex is a character "mytext { mytext " is a string where the brace is a character {text text " my text { mytext { mytext } mytext } } is a string with one double apex and 2 inner opening and closing braces recognized as characters {text text " my text { mytext { mytext } mytext } } Is the same as before but it is a multiline string with a carriage return (or a line feed... I always don't remember :-) Note: In strings with double apex the escape character is active so mytext ^ mytext " is a string with a double apex inside. In strings within braces the escape char is INACTIVE and {mytext ^{ mytext } is a programming error of the Rebol Coder. The inner opening braces must be matched by another closing braces. Refinements: (High Priority) A very important feature for rebol is refinements recognition If you have a function called TRIM with the refinement ALL and WITH you can have: TRIM or TRIM/ALL or or TRIM/WITH or TRIM/ALL/WITH If a word is found in the UltraEdit WordFile and it is considered as command and it is followed by a "/" then all the words until one of the following delimiters [ ] ( ) { } " : ; (space)(tab)(return) must be highlighted. Actually the TRIM command with refinements would appear as TRIM/ALL/WITH We whish to se it as TRIM/ALL/WITH Refinements Extended with refinement existence recognition: (Medium/High Priority) It would be great to have a wordfile with refinements definition in this form: /C1 WORD1 REFINEMENTWORD1 REFINEMENTWORD2 REFINEMENTWORD3 REFINEMENTWORD4 WORD2 REFINEMENTWORD1 REFINEMENTWORD2 REFINEMENTWORD3 REFINEMENTWORD4 ... UltraEdit should highlight the first words as established. If the "/" separator is found and following word is on the same Wordfile Line of the main word it should be highlighted too. This until one of the above separator is found. Example: TRIM/ALL/WITH - Trim has "ALL" and "WITH" refinements ... TRIM/FIRST/WITH - ...but it has not a "FIRST" refinement Comments: (Medium Priority) The following should be easy to implement: Comment {my multiline comment goes here} The rule is: if you find "comment" at the start of a line followed by a string then the string must be considered a comment The other way of commenting we have is using ";" but this is already implemented in ultraedit Functions inside lines: (Low Priority) You have already provided an easy way to let UltraEdit recognize functions in Rebol rebol when they are at the start of the line Multifunction lines are possible. Here is an example Myblock: [code here] code code code myfunc: does [somecode] code code code myfunc2: func [somecode] code code myfunc3: function MYBLOCK code code (Please note the myfunc3 definition use a word that express a block) A special flag should enable/disable the recognition of funtions inside blocks (example: myfunc: attempt [myfunc2: attempt2 [code]] --- END REQUEST --- I hope I have expressed the needings of the community with special regards to the importance and the easyness to implement in ultraedit (it is a personal opinion) otherwhise they will trow away this request. If you have any other improvements feel free to write me or directly to IDM. Thank you in advance Giuseppe Chillemi