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Question about events....

 [1/2] from: javier::aviles::eds::com at: 12-Jun-2001 15:22

based in the description of the engage function: The engage function is called whenever any event other than a REDRAW or an OVER occurs for a face. It handles mouse click events, keyboard input, timers, and other types of events. I would like to know, if it's possible to handle diferents events in the same face, and if that is possible an example for it.... I want that a text-list be updated each 30 seconds, and also when the down action ocurrs a process be executed.... any idea? thanks for your help.... Javier H. AvilÚs Avila.
* [javier--aviles--eds--com] TEL. 49-61-00 Ext. 56361

 [2/2] from: arolls:bigpond:au at: 15-Jun-2001 4:55

See below for a program that catches 'time events and all 'down events in all sub-faces of a text-list.
> Aviles, Javier > Sent: Wednesday, 13 June, 2001 6:23 AM
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> thanks for your help.... > Javier H. AvilÚs Avila.
I haven't discovered how to see which face was clicked on yet. Maybe someone can help here (if it is necessary for you to know which sub-face was clicked 'down on). Anton. -- Start program -- (watch for line wrap) -------- rebol [ Title: "Text-List Events" File: %text-list-events.r Date: 15-Jun-2001 Version: 1.0.0 Needs: [view] Author: "Anton Rolls" Language: 'English Purpose: { Demonstrate catching 'time and 'down events in a text-list } ToDo: { - How to find the face that was clicked on? } History: [ 1.0.0 [15-Jun-2001 {First version} "Anton"] ] Notes: { See Docs: To find out how to get the original text-list/feel: view layout [ t: text-list data ["A"] [probe t/feel probe t/iter/feel] ] probe first t == interesting words to look at. probe get-style 'text-list == mmm yum miam Original question was on rebol-list email, on 13-Jun-2001, by Javier Aviles. } ] view/new center-face layout [ t: text-list rate 1 ; fire 'time action once per second data ["A" "B" "C"] [] ; action block - empty. ; it is necessary because otherwise ; it doesn't work. ] t/feel: make t/feel [ ; just modify the functions you need to here. ; we need to modify 'detect because we need ; to catch events for *sub-faces* of the text-list. ; (That is the individual face used for each ; item) detect: func [face event][ if event/type = 'down [ print "detect: down" ] event ; let the event go through to the sub-face ] engage: func [face action event][ switch action [ time [ if not face/state [face/blinker: not face/blinker] print "engage: time" ; count to 30 here ] down [face/state: on] alt-down [face/state: on] up [if face/state [do-face face none] face/state: off] alt-up [if face/state [do-face-alt face none] face/state: off] over [face/state: on] away [face/state: off] ] cue face action show face ] ] wait none -- End Program --------------------

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