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RebView "Text Field with scrollbars'

 [1/7] from: yvan_iigs::gmx::net at: 10-Jan-2005 17:56

Hello, the following command displays a large ASCII file in a text field: view layout [ field 500x400 read %afile.r ] The content is to large to be displayed completely. I would expect that I should be able to open a text field with scrollbars to allow me to scroll with the mouse through the text field, but I don't see how. Can somebody give me a hint? Cheers Yvan

 [2/7] from: kealist::gmail::com at: 10-Jan-2005 11:56

The 'FIELD style does not have scroll bars. You will have to use a style that has them. One example of this is Didier's area style. Hopefully that helps josh On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:56:06 +0100, Yvan <[yvan_iigs--gmx--net]> wrote:

 [3/7] from: antonr::lexicon::net at: 11-Jan-2005 23:48

Some other people have competing scrolling area styles, like me :) do load-thru I believe last time the issue was hot, that Didier's style became superior to mine when he added the drag from inside to outside causes scroll feature. Anton.

 [4/7] from: yvan_iigs::gmx::net at: 12-Jan-2005 19:22

Hello Anton and Josh, both scripts (Didiers and yours) stop at the same place (access has no value), see output below. What is this access thing? Something my Rebol Core misses? I have Core 2.5
>> do %demo-scroll-area.r
** Script Error: access has no value ** Where: stylize ** Near: access: make access [ set-face*: func [face value] [ if face/area/para [face/area/para/scroll: 0x0] face/area/text: form value face/area/line-list: none face/feel/resize face none ] get-face*: func [face] [face/area/text] clear-face*: func [face] [ if face/area/para [face/area/para/scroll: 0x0] face/area/text: attempt [clear face/area/text] face/area/line-list: none face/feel/resize face none ] reset-face*: func [face] [clear-face* face] ] On 11.01.2005, you wrote:

 [5/7] from: antonr::lexicon::net at: 13-Jan-2005 16:59

You need at least Rebol/View beta 1.2.18 (probably) sorry! -> Disclaimer: "code is beta" Now I recommend to run the demo like this: url: read-thru url ; get it into the public cache do path-thru url Yes, the face/ACCESS object is present in View 1.2.18 beta (at least). The SET-FACE, GET-FACE, CLEAR-FACE etc. functions use it to abstract those concepts. (do HELP -face to see all those new functions) Anton.

 [6/7] from: antonr::lexicon::net at: 15-Jan-2005 13:26

Hi, Anton, I saw the request in the ML : "Re: RebView "Text Field with scrollbars'" I can't respond to it, but if you please can do it for me. The last version of my area on, include a patch to make it working on View 1.2.8 style.r -Didier Cadieu

 [7/7] from: charles:mougel:spinodo at: 12-Jan-2005 19:57

Hi, I have the same bug with SDK. Here is a quick patch to activate Didier's patch. (area-scroll) That's work now ? ------- if true [;change here ;all [system/version/1 = 1 system/version/2 = 2 system/version/3 < 16] [ if not find svv/vid-styles 'scroller [ alert "Sorry, area-scroll needs 'scroller style not available in this Rebol/View version !" quit ] ctx-access: context [ field: context [ ------- Charles. Yvan a =E9crit :