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Runtimes as DLLs

 [1/4] from: rebol:techscribe at: 14-Nov-2000 11:36

Hi, I think many people on this list would appreciate the ability to embed REBOL in their applications. Perhaps even more so than the current runtime offer. I for one would. Perhaps I'm mistaken. It's far more convenient to embed the REBOL interpreter in a multi-megabyte Windows application, then having to write a complete application, with GUI interface and stuff as a dll to be called by the REBOL runtime. Add to this the fact that REBOL runtime's access to DLLs is somewhat limited (no callback functions!). All the REBOL interpreter would have to do is to expose console input and console output (strings passed to the interpreter and strings received from the interpret) as DLL functions, plus provide the existing runtime ability of code hiding. Everything else could be handled by REBOL scripts in combination with the application's function. (While I'm dreaming, let me add that it'd be nice to also have static or dynamically linked libraries for Unix platforms.) To sweeten the deal, I think you would see sales for DLL Runtime licenses and /Command go up significantly. Would it be a lot of work for you guys (at REBOL) to deploy DLL versions of the runtime (under the same license?). I also think it would be a good idea to have a free license agreement for freeware applications. IMHO REBOL would quickly become the prime scripting interface for many applications that require scripting. More REBOL savvy persons can only increas RTs strategical market importance and sales. Opinions? Elan

 [2/4] from: mccarter:uniserve at: 14-Nov-2000 12:29

If I'm not mistaken this approach should allow for functionality much like Arexx ??? or am I wrong? I would love to be able to have the ability to export the functionality of my programs. Especially in the way ADPro worked with Fred. Bill. Elan wrote:

 [3/4] from: gmassar::dreamsoft::com at: 14-Nov-2000 13:25

I am developing a Windows-based Console similar to REBOL console but much more enhanced such as built-in mini-editor and symbolic debugger incorporated into the console with the REBOL core as an interpreter. Elan's suggestion is very appeal to my work. I am hoping you at RT would consider his idea very seriously, esp. the free distribution for freeware applications. Thanks for your time. Geo Massar, GUI Console developer Elan wrote: (for Rebol-list)

 [4/4] from: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 15-Nov-2000 0:49

Hi Elan, IIRC, so called REBOL Toolkit was mentioned in initial announcement of REBOL/Command some year or more ago, together with /Browse for e.g. RT seems to chose another strategy - product development, while I would go imediatelly in completly different area: - core technology advancement - parser, modules, components, matrice operations ... - apache module with database support (or via loadable /library, /mySQL, /PostGress etc. components) - REBOL Toolkit - the kind of strategy you mention. - more media stuff, e.g. via /Effects, /Media, /Draw etc. - /Browse (ability to display /View window as part of website) - View and Command together - ability to operate upon series data via /library call, thru defined API (if possible :-) /Command as a name should become just name of some kind of Rebol package, containing /Shell, /ODBC, /Library etc. - it should not be called a product - products are - rebol core language, rebol runtime, rebol express, etc ... We are still at cute-toy level ... I wish VC would donate RT 20 more programmers :-) -pekr-