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Upper-Lower Case

 [1/6] from: louisaturk::coxinet::net at: 10-Dec-2001 1:55

Hi rebols, There are the words uppercase and lowercase. I need an upper-lowercase. x: upper-lowercase "THE BIG DOG IS A PIG"
>> "The Big Dog Is A Pig"
I know that "A" should be "a" for correct English. But this is not for the English language, and I want to keep it simple. Does anyone know a short, simple way to do this? Louis

 [2/6] from: rebol:optushome:au at: 13-Dec-2001 7:03

Use the /part refinement of Uppercase. proper-case: func [value /local out][ out: copy "" value: parse form value none ;probe value foreach item value [ append out join uppercase/part lowercase item 1 " " ] trim/tail out ] foreach item ["the big do is a pig" "JOHN SmITH" "peter" #"a" "a b c"][print proper-case item ] Cheers, Allen K

 [3/6] from: louisaturk:eudoramail at: 13-Dec-2001 17:33

Hi Allen, At 07:03 AM 12/13/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>Use the /part refinement of Uppercase. >proper-case: func [value /local out][
<<quoted lines omitted: 10>>
>Cheers, >Allen K
Many thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I gave a bad example (sorry). The text I need to convert is between tags, in which case your function fails on the first letter after each >.
>> x: {>THE BIG bad dog aTE tHe caT}
== ">THE BIG bad dog aTE tHe caT<"
>> proper-case x
== ">the Big Bad Dog Ate The Cat<"

 [4/6] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 13-Dec-2001 21:20

Hi Louis, << The text I need to convert is between tags >> This isn't quite as concise as Allen's but it preserves the original formatting (i.e. spacing) of the string. To meet your needs I added the /with refinement. proper-case: func [ "Capitalizes the first letter of each word in the string." s [string!] /with "specify delimiters other than space and tab." delimiters [string! block!] /local i up-it result ][ if not with [delimiters: " ^-"] result: lowercase copy s up-it: true for i 1 length? result 1 [ if up-it [ poke result i to-char uppercase to-string result/:i up-it: false ] if find delimiters result/:i [up-it: true] ] return result ] proper-case "gregg irwin" proper-case/with "gregg irwin" " " proper-case/with ">gregg>irwin" " >" proper-case/with ">gregg irwin<" [#" " #"^-" #">"] HTH! --Gregg

 [5/6] from: louisaturk:eudoramail at: 14-Dec-2001 1:52

-- Unable to decode HTML file!! --

 [6/6] from: louisaturk:eudoramail at: 14-Dec-2001 3:15

Hi Greg, At 09:20 PM 12/13/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>To meet your needs I added the >/with refinement.
<<quoted lines omitted: 22>>
> proper-case/with ">gregg>irwin" " >" > proper-case/with ">gregg irwin<" [#" " #"^-" #">"]
Many thanks. That solves my problem, and I appreciate it very much. This list really has a lot of great people on it. Louis

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