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tree style: first attemp

 [1/5] from: robert::muench::robertmuench::de at: 9-Apr-2002 22:42

Hi, below you will find a first attemp for a "tree" style based on the list-style. The source is not indented to avoid line breaks. However, I'm sure it's far from perfect but that's how far I made it today. Have a look and let me and the others know what you think. Known Bugs: - Expanding more than one top-level item is possible but you need to collaps them from top-down ?? - Some code is include that I used to test variants. Robert rebol [] ;-- Generate images for dot and arrows: make-image: func [xy wh eff] [ eff: layout [ size 20x20 at xy box wh effect eff ] eff/color: main-color to-image eff ] dot: make-image 6x5 9x9 [gradient 1x1 255.0.0 0.0.0 oval key 0.0.0] arr: make-image 3x3 14x14 [arrow 0.0.127 rotate 90] ard: make-image 3x3 14x14 [arrow 0.0.127 rotate 180] ;-- Action stuff expand-action: [ face/user-data/expanded: not face/user-data/expanded update-list ] ;-- Item definition item: context [ subitems: make block! [] expanded: make logic! false face: none counter: 0 ] item-list: [] cnt: 1 loop 10 [ tmp: make item [counter: cnt] for x 0 2 1 [ append tmp/subitems rejoin ["Eintrag:" cnt "-" x] ] append item-list tmp cnt: cnt + 1 ] ;-- GUI stuff ; older approach make-item-face: func [item][ ; first do the layout so that we can access all the objects in it item/face: layout [ origin 0 space 0 across ar: image arr tx: text "Dies ist ein Test" dt: image dot ] ; now we can alter the objects ar/action: :expand-action dt/action: :subitem-action ar/user-data: tx/user-data: item item/face ] main-layout: [ across space 0 image 20x20 expand-action text 120x20 ] subitems: [] top-level-list: head item-list offset: 0 barrier: 0 update-list: does [ subitems: [] top-level-list: head item-list offset: 0 barrier: 0 show lst ] cnt: 0 ; concept: ; - we only count main entries ; - subitems are copied into a series and are removed from it after being displayed ; - if the series of subitems is empty the normal top-level entries are continued main-supply: [ ; do we need to access a top-level entry? if empty? subitems [ ; ok, do we have to consider that sub-level items have been displayed either count > barrier [cnt: count - offset] ; if so we have to adjust our pointer to the top-level objects [cnt: count] ; if not we just use the count index ; get our object face/user-data: item-list/:cnt ; optimization if none? face/user-data [exit] ] ; which path to choose? Show top-level or sub-level item? either empty? subitems [ ; ok, we display a top-level item switch/default index [ 1 [face/image: either empty? face/user-data/subitems [dot] [either face/user-data/expanded [ard][arr]] ] 2 [face/text: rejoin ["Dies ist ein Test: " cnt] ; subitems is our trigger to switch to sub-level item rendering ; so we have to assure that the last column of the actual row is driven before setting the trigger ; this will result in a sub-level item rendering in the next loop either face/user-data/expanded [subitems: copy face/user-data/subitems offset: length? subitems barrier: count + offset] [subitems: []] ; not needed ?? ] ][probe "No list-object reference"] ] [ ; we display a sub-level item switch index [ 1 [face/image: dot] 2 [face/text: first subitems remove subitems] ] ] return ] main-gui: layout [ lst: list 200x200 main-layout supply main-supply] view main-gui ; make-item-face item halt

 [2/5] from: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 11-Apr-2002 10:23

> -----Original Message----- > From: [rebol-bounce--rebol--com] [mailto:[rebol-bounce--rebol--com]]On Behalf Of > Robert M. Muench > Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 10:43 PM > To: Rebollist > Subject: [REBOL] tree style: first attemp
Any feedback? Robert

 [3/5] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 11-Apr-2002 11:51

Hi Robert, << Any feedback? >> Haven't had a chance to look at it yet myself. Probably won't get a chance until next week sometime. I want to have more than 5 minutes to check it out. :) --Gregg

 [4/5] from: chris:langreiter at: 11-Apr-2002 20:17

> Any feedback? Robert

 [5/5] from: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 12-Apr-2002 9:55

> -----Original Message----- > From: [rebol-bounce--rebol--com] [mailto:[rebol-bounce--rebol--com]]On Behalf Of
<<quoted lines omitted: 4>>
>> Any feedback? Robert > Soon!
Great! Just some information: I continued development a bit to support multiple expand/collaps (which doesn't work with the version I posted). The solution is to use a block of values for 'offset and 'barrier and sum them up at the places where these values are used now. Not perfectly working yet but IMO the solution is in this direction. Robert

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