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FTPGadget version 1.2 up and running (Linux/Windows)

 [1/3] from: reichart::prolific::com at: 23-Aug-2002 14:01

Cal, Jim and I have been pounding out the new FTPGadget. The whole Rebol Tech team has helped us as well. This might sound like a slam, but in fact it is a great complement when I say that the product no longer looks or feels like Rebol. There are still some things that need to be tucked away, and sped up, but it is now doing some important things faster than CuteFTP, and has many features that no other FTP program has. Some new features are: 1. A single button to remember the paths to both the local and FTP site each time you log in. 2. Email a Host administrator with the session info. 3. ...and my favorite, the ability to store your site info on an FTP Site. Which means if you enter data at work, you can use it at home! Check out the new version at Remember, FTPGadget is free to everyone here on Rebol mail. If you email me ([FTPGadget--ProGadget--com] ) with a request, we will send you a Registration code. Please send you first and last name, what OS you are on, and for our own records, what speed your CPU is. Be useful. Reichart... [Reichart--Prolific--com] "The crazy place I work." "A cool thing we make." "Something brewing in the kitchen."

 [2/3] from: greggirwin:mindspring at: 23-Aug-2002 16:13

Thanks Reichart! It just keeps getting better! --Gregg

 [3/3] from: jason:cunliffe:verizon at: 23-Aug-2002 19:33

> Check out the new version at
Thanks! Good work. Lots of nice features.. I like the drag'n'drop. <memo from the be-useful-never-satisfied-but-well-meaning-end-user-interface-dept.> 1. I could not use READ TEXT on remote text file [index.r]. Is that bug/feature? 2. Is it possible to make the central button help rollover messages immediate. There is a time lag which defeats the purpose a little. Is that intended or a result of pushing the limits of /View ? 3. I believe almost ALL rollover actions are best with some immediate feedback.. especially visual feedback for buttons. A button uses a mechanical metaphor and needs distinction from passive images/text. So even a very _subtle_ color or style change helps people. Flash has especially raised habits/expectations and will continue to do so. 4. Mousewheel?? Is that still beyond the Rebol/View featureset? 5. Every 2-column widget I have ever used let the user know which column [remote local] is 'active'. Takes the guesswork out of it. Typically they have a little arrow pointing left or right. And often helped by a style change in the identifying name field. For example, active column background color changes to yellow and type to bold .. you get the idea. 6. For functions like rename, new folder, delete ... I suggest including the full path name in the popup window. It helps one focus on exactly what is being acted upon. 7. File/folder statistics are always useful and save time. I propose you display that info in the main text area at the bottom of screen. 8. Is this done with Encap? And is a Mac version possible? ./Jason ______________________________________________ Jason Cunliffe [NOMADICS: Director art+design] Tel/fax: +1 718 422-1078 [jasonic--nomadics--org] N 43:00.000' W 074:31.875' ALT:1144 ft 84 Henry Street #3C Brooklyn NY 11201 USA