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HTTP question/obtaining HTTP headers from web server

 [1/1] from: jurgens::akcorp::net at: 28-Mar-2002 0:21

Re: obtaining HTTP response headers from a web server, I have posted a function from a script which does that. It is more complicated than needed for just that task alone because it was developed for a specific purpose and has not been designed for generic applications. Hopefully you can easily pick out the necessary parts. In short, instead of using the simple "read" function, you need to use ports which requires both knowledge of how ports work in Rebol and more specific knowledge about the HTTP protocol. Once learned, it is pretty simple. Burt [jurgens--akcorp--net] request-http: func[target [string!] /host host-name [string!] /port port-number [integer!] /headers header-data [block!] /default-headers default-header-data [block!] /post post-data [block!] /querystring query-data [block!] /display /local connection cookies data default-headers-string header-block headers last-host open-result post-data-formatted request result temp-filename url webenv][ last-host: "" cookies: "" default-header-string: "" if default-headers [append clear head default-header-string format-header default-header-data] if querystring [append target rejoin ["?" format-post query-data]] header-block: make block! [] if headers [header-block: header-data] if post [ post-data-formatted: format-post post-data insert header-block compose[ 'Content-Type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" 'Content-Length (length? post-data-formatted) ] ] headers: does [rejoin [target " HTTP/1.0^/" default-header-string either empty? header-block ["^/"] [format-header header-block] ]] either error? open-result: try[ insert connection: open url: to-url rejoin ["tcp://" either host [append clear head last-host host-name] [last-host] ":" either port [port-number] [80]] request: either post [ rejoin ["POST " headers post-data-formatted] ][ rejoin ["GET " headers] ] ][ print ["Error attempting to open" url newline "[" request "]"] probe disarm open-result return none ][ print ["Successfully opened" url newline "[" request "]"] result: make string! 100000 while [data: copy connection] [append result data] close connection headers: copy/part result data: find result "^/^/" data: skip data 2 probe headers header-block: make block! [] parse/all headers [ copy status to "^/" (append header-block compose [status (status)]) skip some [ copy header-field to ":" (append header-block to-word header-field) skip skip copy value to "^/" (append header-block value) skip ] ] if display [ write temp-filename: join temp-file [page-count: page-count + 1 ".html"] data shell-exec windows-path temp-filename "" "" ] return reduce [header-block data] ] ]