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upload files via http with Rebol?

 [1/3] from: eric:ehrichweiss at: 18-Dec-2004 10:57

Does anyone know where I can find out how to allow users to upload files via their web browsers and save them with Rebol? All the resources I've found are PHP, Perl, or ASP and they don't give that much about what's really going on so that I could write one for myself. I'm all ears at this point... Eric

 [2/3] from: SunandaDH:aol at: 18-Dec-2004 11:49

> Does anyone know where I can find out how to allow users to upload files > via their web browsers and save them with Rebol?
I went round in circles working this out at the beginning of this year. This is what I ended up with. STEP 1 -- get read-cgi You may have this function already -- you'll be using it for non-multipart files. If not, it's here: STEP 2 -- get code to decode multipart CGI data Luckily, Andreas did the hard part for us, and published it on the Mailing List. Available from: with some further discussion here: STEP 3: The HTML As with all other CGI languages, you need some HTML. Something like this for a simple page that has a single file to upload (Andreas' code works happily with multiple files on the same page). You'll need to add the name of your CGI program in the action tag <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="...your cgi program..." method="post"> <div> <input type="text" name="non-mp1" size="20"> <input type="file" name="mp1" size="50"> <input type="submit" alt="update button" name="update" value="update"> </div> </form> STEP 4 -- Process it in a CGI program This code is somewhat convoluted as it covers the case where the input data does not contain any multi-part fields. (It's written that way so a single CGI program can both put out a blank form and process the results from it). Your code can be simpler if the CGI is used only to read a page with multi-part data. post-data: read-cgi error? try [cgi-object: construct decode-cgi copy post-data] error? try [cgi-object: construct cons-utils/decode-multipart-form-data system/options/cgi/content-type copy post-data ] if error? try [cgi-object/non-mp1] [ error? try [cgi-object: construct decode-cgi copy post-data]] ;; You can now do things with the uploaded file, eg write/binary %saved-file cgi-object/mp1 You can see the end results of this here.... ds-demo1-package.r .....the page is listing mainly JPGs that were uploaded this this code. Sunanda.

 [3/3] from: eric::ehrichweiss::com at: 19-Dec-2004 19:51

Thanx for that. Now, I'm wondering, someone was talking about a fully working script on but the site is down. Anyone have it laying around? I surely don't want to reinvent the wheel when doing this. Eric [SunandaDH--aol--com] wrote: