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rugby3: secure, view , and ...

 [1/1] from: koopmans::itr::ing::nl at: 24-Jul-2001 17:16

Hi list, There it is again: Rugby, version 3.0.0 A major revision of the code with lost of new nifty features. For those who don't know: Rugby is distributed computing made easy. Many thanks to Ernie van der Meer for polishing the Rugby code and fixing the serialization stuff. You can download rugby 3.0.0 as rugby3.r from the script library. ***What's new? - Added security framework (touchdown) for pro and command users. - Added View integration to enable client, servers and view in one script - Added error handling (thanks again, Ernie) - Return values are no longer returned in a block but as the value itself. ***How does it work? Rugby enables you to expose a set of functions to other rebol processes in one line of code: serve [ echo ] You can then call this function like this: rexec [ echo "lala" ] *** What commands are available? You can type "help" followed by the commands described below for a detailed description. Serverside: - serve - secure-serve Clientside: - rexec ("remote exec" , in conjunction with serve on the server side) - wait-for-result , blocking wait for a result of a deferred call - poll-for-result, check to see if a result is available. - sexec ("secure exec" , in conjunction with secure-serve) View: - rugby-view , used to display a face without starting the event loop. You start the event loop by calling serve or secure-serve -Security: You can restrict acces based on ip level serve/restrict [echo] [] Only clients connecting from (localhost) can invoke echo. Same for secure-serve. secure-serve starts a server that serves requests and encrypts all messages that are passed using 56-bit (exportt) or 128 bit encryption (full). This happens as follows: When you invoke sexec it does a rexec first to negotiate the strength and get an rsa public key. The client than generates a key in the lowest commom denominator, encrypts the message using blowfish, signs the session key with the rsa public key, and sends both. The server decrypts the session key, decrypts the message, executes, encrypts the result and returns it. Note that sexec invocations cannot be deffered at this time. You can only use sexec in conjunction with /Pro or /COmmand If you enjoy this or have any questions,mail me: [m--koopmans2--chello--nl] Software is published under the MIT license ( Enjoy, --Maarten