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[REBOL] Re: send&email insanity

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 6-Mar-2003 17:25

Hi, Charles, From: "Charles"
> Okay, I'm officially about to go insane.
Cool, can we watch? :)
> ...Check this out. (BTW, the only > reason I'm altering email addresses is protection against harvesters using > escribe): > >> outmsg/to: [me--me--net] > == [me--me--net] > >> outmsg/to > == [me--me--net] > >> probe outmsg > > make object! [ > To: [me--me--net] > CC: [[person1--me--net] "," [person2--you--net]]
> Content: none > ] > >> send/header outmsg/to mesg outmsg > ;;; mesg is just a string > connecting to: > >> outmsg/to > ==
> ?!?!? Where did the To field go?!? > Help me before I drop my computer out the window! :P
Good question. I would be shocked if this one hasn't shown up. I can more easily show you wehre the problem is arising, than why. Look at the source of the send function. In fact save a copy to a file (it will be helpful in a moment). echo %/pathtomyfile/send.r source send echo none When you look at the send function, near the bottom, you will see a section that looks like: ... foreach addr address [ if email? addr [ do-send smtp-port ["MAIL FROM: <" from ">"] do-send smtp-port ["RCPT TO: <" addr ">"] if not show [insert clear header-obj/to addr] that last line is the problem. Before the line is called, the header-obj/to and addr both still exist. After that line is called, they both disappear. This suggests a context issue. A context-ologist may be able to explain why (or tell me why it is something else). It looks like a buglet to me, but I am not certain. A fix is to change that line to: if not show [header-obj/to: copy addr] Clean up the top and bottom of this file to only include the function definition and then load this replacement for send. I, too, would like to know from a context-ologist what is happening here, and has this been reported, and should it be reported. Hope this helps a bit. --Scott Jones