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[REBOL] Re: R: Re: [REBOL]

From: joel:neely:fedex at: 31-Jan-2002 19:07

Hi, Alessandro, I suggest using strings instead of words. Strings always evaluate to themselves, while some expressions could end up trying to take the value of MAR or GIU with unexpected results! ;-) Alessandro Manotti wrote:
> month-list: [gen jan feb feb mar mar apr apr mag may giu jun lug > jul ago aug set sep ott oct nov nov dic dec] > > select month-list 'feb > select month-list 'giu > > Of course, it is good only for ITALIAN->ENGLISH (for reverse, we > should reverse the order of the items...). >
You can avoid having two lists by using triples instead of pairs, as follows: translate-month: func [month-name [string!]] [ select [ "gen" "jan" "gen" "feb" "feb" "feb" "mar" "mar" "mar" "apr" "apr" "apr" "mag" "may" "mag" "giu" "jun" "giu" "lug" "jul" "lug" "ago" "aug" "ago" "set" "sep" "sep" "ott" "oct" "ott" "nov" "nov" "nov" "dic" "dec" "dic" ] month-name ] which works as
>> translate-month "jan" == "gen" >> translate-month "lug" == "jul" >> translate-month "ott" == "oct" >> translate-month "oct" == "ott" > > date1: [gen feb mar apr mag giu lug ago set ott nov dic] > date2: [jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec] > > idx: index? find date1 'gen > date2/:idx > > * Advantage: reverse is ok... > > idx: index? find date2 'gen > date1/:idx >
A drawback of using ... INDEX? FIND ... is the behavior when an invalid argument is supplied. Packaged up as a function, with a refinement to control the direction of translation, we can use the above idea as: trans-mon: func [mon-name [string!] /to-it /local date-it date-en] [ date-it: [ "gen" "feb" "mar" "apr" "mag" "giu" "lug" "ago" "set" "ott" "nov" "dic" ] date-en: [ "jan" "feb" "mar" "apr" "may" "jun" "jul" "aug" "sep" "oct" "nov" "dec" ] either to-it [ pick date-it index? find date-en mon-name ][ pick date-en index? find date-it mon-name ] ] which behaves this way:
>> trans-mon "gen" == "jan" >> trans-mon "ott" == "oct" >> trans-mon/to-it "oct" == "ott" >> trans-mon/to-it "may" == "mag"
... but ...
>> trans-mon "abc"
** Script Error: index? expected series argument of type: series port ** Where: trans-mon ** Near: pick date-en index? find date-it So, regardless of the strategy chosen, handling erroneous cases should be part of the plan, IMHO. -jn-