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[REBOL] Re: IOS account (was RE: Re: Is this a bug ([5 <])?)

From: rebol-list2:seznam:cz at: 18-Nov-2002 13:47

Hello Petr, Friday, November 15, 2002, 4:54:21 AM, you wrote: PK> What email? There would be no email at all. Have you seen IOS working? PK> It is like development "in Rebol", "for Rebol". You can create custom PK> reblets, which help you to let project going, and better organised. No PK> email based system can replace it easily. And as for email - I work on 2 PK> - 3 machines. When I download my email on one of them, it is not PK> available on another ones. IOS is different - it simply syncs - so where PK> you go ... your data go with you ... PK> Look, we are slowly but working on VID update. It would NEVER be PK> finished by email way. We already exchanged some 3000 msgs in conference PK> and as for me, at least 5000 messages in messenger. You need your PK> answers fast, not waiting for email to arrive. You would have to use IRC PK> or other kind of IM and then - where is your integration? PK> As I said - one of the drawbacks of IOS is its scalability. If it would PK> handle hundreds of active users rather than tens, it would be even PK> cooler experience .... PK> -pekr- Please, don't take this post as a serious arguing but.... ...I hope there still will be email. I've seen IOS working and I have to say that there are still weak parts of it. Just one small example: there are two apps called "Expert" and "VID-Expert". In the "Expert" app there are 6 questions none of them is answered. (my last question was if someone is reading these questions and I'm sure that nobody does). On 23.8.2002 I needed help with the alpha image so I asked in the "VID-Expert" app and there is still no answer, the same question was sent to ML on 14.11.2002 at 4:44PM the first reply on ML was (from you:) at 7:00PM and since now I have 10 replies of this thread in my inbox! My conclusion is that the IOS "Expert" apps are useless! I know that Carl must be quiet busy so I don't try to spam him by IOS messenger. Just for the first time, when I wanted to know his opinion about the "Invalid ..." errors on 19.Aug. but I've no answer yet:( again The IOS conference app. has no threading so it's just a chat with several rooms (one of them is named "chat") not a conference in the way how discussion boards works. Your example of no possibility to work with emails on more then one computer is not correct as well, because if you set your email client not to delete messages on the email server, your emails will be available on all computers with access to the email server. Yes, IOS uses nice syncs so all data are updated when you connect, but that has weak point as well because if you would have too many active IOS users, the ammount of data may be quite large (what if someone adds one 100MB file to IOS? This file will be downloaded by all IOS users - if there is no security check to prevent downloads of large files) For most IOS apps you have to be connected to the IOS server to do something. So if I want to send new bug report, I've no choice to write it offline etc. (but that's probably ok because I'm just a dialup looser without creditcards; rich clients probably have their good connections) And the VID project, maybe if cyphre would send some of his styles to ML some of them would be already in use. I know that it's important to make standarts but to have more solutions for one thing is much more better than none. Only real usage may highlight which of the solutions is the best. I like Rebol, and I like IOS, hope some of these comments may help to make IOS better, but I like ML as well and the main reason is that it's free for everybody, not just for a small community. cheers Oldes =( Oliva David )=======================( [oliva--david--seznam--cz] )== =( Earth/Europe/Czech_Republic/Brno )============================= =( coords: [lat: 49.22 long: 16.67] )=============================